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Low magnetic field response single-phase multiferroics under high temperature
J Wang, Z Fu, R Peng, M Liu, S Sun, H Huang, L Li, RJ Knize, Y Lu
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Nanoscale structural modulation and enhanced room-temperature multiferroic properties
S Sun, Y Huang, G Wang, J Wang, Z Fu, R Peng, RJ Knize, Y Lu
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Y Huang, G Wang, S Sun, J Wang, R Peng, Y Lin, X Zhai, Z Fu, Y Lu
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Donor–acceptor single cocrystal of coronene and perylene diimide: molecular self-assembly and charge-transfer photoluminescence
C Wang, J Wang, N Wu, M Xu, X Yang, Y Lu, L Zang
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Structural Evolution and Multiferroics in Sr‐Doped Bi7Fe1.5Co1.5Ti3O21 Ceramics
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Structural transformation and multiferroic properties in Gd-doped Bi 7 Fe 3 Ti 3 O 21 ceramics
S Sun, G Wang, Y Huang, J Wang, R Peng, Y Lu
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Tailoring the activity via cobalt doping of a two-layer Ruddlesden-Popper phase cathode for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells
Z Chen, J Wang, D Huan, S Sun, G Wang, Z Fu, W Zhang, X Zheng, ...
Journal of Power Sources 371, 41-47, 2017
Layer Effects on the Magnetic Behaviors of Aurivillius Compounds Bin+1Fen−3Ti3O3n+1 (n = 6, 7, 8, 9)
G Wang, Y Huang, S Sun, J Wang, R Peng, Y Lu
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 99 (4), 1318-1323, 2016
Yttrium-modified Bi 7 Fe 1.5 Co 1.5 Ti 3 O 21 ceramics with improved room temperature multiferroic properties
Y Huang, S Sun, G Wang, J Wang, R Peng, Y Lu
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Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy investigations of Bi6FeCoTi3O18 and LaBi5FeCoTi3O18 epitaxial thin films
Z Cui, H Xu, Y Yun, J Guo, YD Chuang, H Huang, D Meng, J Wang, Z Fu, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (8), 084101, 2016
Core-shelled mesoporous CoFe2O4–SiO2 material with good adsorption and high-temperature magnetic recycling capabilities
J Wang, M Liu, T Chen, J Chen, W Ge, Z Fu, R Peng, X Zhai, Y Lu
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Room temperature exchange bias in structure-modulated single-phase multiferroic materials
G Wang, Z Chen, H He, D Meng, H Yang, X Mao, Q Pan, B Chu, M Zuo, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (17), 6156-6163, 2018
Interface engineering in epitaxial growth of layered oxides via a conducting layer insertion
Y Yun, C Ma, X Zhai, H Huang, D Meng, J Wang, Z Fu, R Peng, GJ Brown, ...
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Growth of single-crystalline Bi6FeCoTi3O18 thin films and their magnetic–ferroelectric properties
Y Yun, X Zhai, C Ma, H Huang, D Meng, Z Cui, J Wang, Z Fu, R Peng, ...
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Optimizing the photocatalysis in ferromagnetic Bi6Fe1. 9Co0. 1Ti3O18 nanocrystal by morphology control
W Ge, Z Fu, X Li, J Wang, Z Zhu, M Liu, R Peng, Y Lu
RSC Advances 5 (67), 54165-54170, 2015
Ferroelectric Polarization‐Assisted Sensitive and High‐Power Photodetector in Broad Ultraviolet‐to‐Visible Range
Y Liu, J Wang, H Huang, Y Yun, D Meng, Q Yang, X Zhai, Z Fu, RJ Knize, ...
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Engineering the exchange bias and bias temperature by modulating the spin glassy state in single phase Bi 9 Fe 5 Ti 3 O 27
G Wang, H Yang, J Wang, S Sun, Z Fu, X Zhai, R Peng, RJ Knize, Y Lu
Nanoscale 9 (24), 8305-8313, 2017
Room-temperature multiferroic responses arising from 1D phase modulation in correlated Aurivillius-type layer structures
S Sun, Y Huang, G Wang, J Wang, R Peng, Z Fu, X Zhai, X Mao, X Chen, ...
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J Wang, H Huang, C Liu, Z Fu, X Zhai, R Peng, Y Lu
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Anisotropic electrical and magnetic properties in grain-oriented Bi 4 Ti 3 O 12–La 0.5 Sr 0.5 MnO 3
W Zou, J Wang, Z Chen, N Shi, Z Li, Z Cui, X Li, X Yin, W Yan, H Huang, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (42), 11272-11279, 2018
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