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Andra thermodynamic database for performance assessment: ThermoChimie
E Giffaut, M Grivé, P Blanc, P Vieillard, E Colàs, H Gailhanou, S Gaboreau, ...
Applied Geochemistry 49, 225-236, 2014
Thermodynamic properties of the Tschermak solid solution in Fe-chlorite: Application to natural examples and possible role of oxidation
O Vidal, T Parra, P Vieillard
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Application of chemical geothermometry to low-temperature trioctahedral chlorites
A Inoue, A Meunier, P Patrier-Mas, C Rigault, D Beaufort, P Vieillard
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Cement and Concrete Research 73, 228-237, 2015
Thermochemical properties of phosphates
P Vieillard, Y Tardy
Phosphate minerals, 171-198, 1984
A new method for the prediction of Gibbs free energies of formation of hydrated clay minerals based on the electronegativity scale
P Vieillard
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Thermodynamics of ice polymorphs and ‘ice-like’water in hydrates and hydroxides
L Mercury, P Vieillard, Y Tardy
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Prediction of Gibbs free energies of formation of minerals of the alunite supergroup
S Gaboreau, P Vieillard
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Thermodynamic properties of CSH, CASH and MSH phases: Results from direct measurements and predictive modelling
C Roosz, P Vieillard, P Blanc, S Gaboreau, H Gailhanou, D Braithwaite, ...
Applied Geochemistry 92, 140-156, 2018
Distribution of water in synthetic calcium silicate hydrates
C Roosz, S Gaboreau, S Grangeon, D Prêt, V Montouillout, N Maubec, ...
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Behavior of gold in the lateritic equatorial environment: weathering and surface dispersion of residual gold particles, at Dondo Mobi, Gabon
F Colin, P Vieillard
Applied Geochemistry 6 (3), 279-290, 1991
Thermodynamic properties of illite, smectite and beidellite by calorimetric methods: Enthalpies of formation, heat capacities, entropies and Gibbs free energies of formation
H Gailhanou, P Blanc, J Rogez, G Mikaelian, H Kawaji, J Olives, ...
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S Gaboreau, D Beaufort, P Vieillard, P Patrier, P Bruneton
The Canadian Mineralogist 43 (2), 813-827, 2005
Estimated solubility products and fields of stability for cryptomelane, nsutite, birnessite, and lithiophorite based on natural lateritic weathering sequences
S Parc, D Nahon, Y Tardy, P Vieillard
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Stability fields of clays and aluminum phosphates; parageneses in lateritic weathering of argillaceous phosphatic sediments
P Vieillard, Y Tardy, D Nahon
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Zircon: an immobile index in soils
F Colin, C Alarcon, P Vieillard
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Alteration of the Callovo–Oxfordian clay from Meuse-Haute Marne underground laboratory (France) by alkaline solution. I. A XRD and CEC study
S Ramırez, P Vieillard, A Bouchet, A Cassagnabere, A Meunier, ...
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A generalized model for predicting the thermodynamic properties of clay minerals
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A Decarreau, S Petit, F Martin, F Farges, P Vieillard, E Joussein
Clays and Clay Minerals 56 (3), 322-337, 2008
A new method for the prediction of Gibbs free energies of formation of phyllosilicates (10 Å and 14 Å) based on the electronegativity scale
P Vieillard
Clays and Clay Minerals 50 (3), 352-363, 2002
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