Marijn Kroes
Marijn Kroes
Assistant professor of Cognitive Neuroscience, Donders Institute, Radboud University Medical Center
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Light sleep versus slow wave sleep in memory consolidation: a question of global versus local processes?
L Genzel, MCW Kroes, M Dresler, FP Battaglia
Trends in neurosciences 37 (1), 10-19, 2014
An electroconvulsive therapy procedure impairs reconsolidation of episodic memories in humans
MCW Kroes, I Tendolkar, GA Van Wingen, JA Van Waarde, BA Strange, ...
Nature Neuroscience 17 (2), 204, 2014
Emotion causes targeted forgetting of established memories
BA Strange, MC Kroes, J Fan, RJ Dolan
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β-adrenergic blockade during memory retrieval in humans evokes a sustained reduction of declarative emotional memory enhancement
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An fMRI investigation of posttraumatic flashbacks
MG Whalley, MCW Kroes, Z Huntley, MD Rugg, SW Davis, CR Brewin
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Structural brain abnormalities common to posttraumatic stress disorder and depression
MCW Kroes, MD Rugg, MG Whalley, CR Brewin
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Dynamic neural systems enable adaptive, flexible memories
MCW Kroes, G Fernández
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Initial investigation of the effects of an experimentally learned schema on spatial associative memory in humans
M van Buuren, MCW Kroes, IC Wagner, L Genzel, RGM Morris, ...
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Dorsomedial prefrontal cortex mediates the impact of serotonin transporter linked polymorphic region genotype on anticipatory threat reactions
F Klumpers, MC Kroes, I Heitland, D Everaerd, SEA Akkermans, ...
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Association between flashbacks and structural brain abnormalities in posttraumatic stress disorder
MCW Kroes, MG Whalley, MD Rugg, CR Brewin
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Schematic memory components converge within angular gyrus during retrieval
IC Wagner, M van Buuren, MCW Kroes, TP Gutteling, M van der Linden, ...
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Translational approaches targeting reconsolidation
MCW Kroes, D Schiller, JE LeDoux, EA Phelps
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A stress-induced shift from trace to delay conditioning depends on the mineralocorticoid receptor
S Vogel, F Klumpers, MCW Kroes, KT Oplaat, HJ Krugers, MS Oitzl, ...
Biological Psychiatry 78 (12), 830-839, 2015
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MCW Kroes, KD Tona, HEM den Ouden, S Vogel, GA van Wingen, ...
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Threat intensity widens fear generalization gradients.
JE Dunsmoor, MCW Kroes, SH Braren, EA Phelps
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Emotion-induced retrograde amnesia is determined by a 5-HTT genetic polymorphism
BA Strange, MCW Kroes, JP Roiser, GCY Tan, RJ Dolan
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Sensitivity for reverse-phi motion
RJE Bours, MCW Kroes, MJ Lankheet
Vision research 49 (1), 1-9, 2009
How human amygdala and bed nucleus of the stria terminalis may drive distinct defensive responses
F Klumpers, MCW Kroes, JMP Baas, G Fernández
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Food can lift mood by affecting mood-regulating neurocircuits via a serotonergic mechanism
MCW Kroes, GA van Wingen, J Wittwer, MH Mohajeri, J Kloek, ...
NeuroImage 84, 825-832, 2014
Context conditioning in humans using commercially available immersive Virtual Reality
MCW Kroes, JE Dunsmoor, WE Mackey, M McClay, EA Phelps
Scientific reports 7 (1), 8640, 2017
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