Olga Vasiljeva
Olga Vasiljeva
Sr. Director, CytomX Therapeutics Inc.
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Cysteine cathepsins: from structure, function and regulation to new frontiers
V Turk, V Stoka, O Vasiljeva, M Renko, T Sun, B Turk, D Turk
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1824 (1), 68-88, 2012
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O Vasiljeva, T Reinheckel, C Peters, D Turk, V Turk, B Turk
Current pharmaceutical design 13 (4), 387-403, 2007
Ferri-liposomes as an MRI-visible drug-delivery system for targeting tumours and their microenvironment
G Mikhaylov, U Mikac, AA Magaeva, VI Itin, EP Naiden, I Psakhye, ...
Nature nanotechnology 6 (9), 594-602, 2011
Tumor cell–derived and macrophage-derived cathepsin B promotes progression and lung metastasis of mammary cancer
O Vasiljeva, A Papazoglou, A Krüger, H Brodoefel, M Korovin, ...
Cancer research 66 (10), 5242-5250, 2006
Inhibition of papain-like cysteine proteases and legumain by caspase-specific inhibitors: when reaction mechanism is more important than specificity
J Rozman-Pungerčar, N Kopitar-Jerala, M Bogyo, D Turk, O Vasiljeva, ...
Cell Death & Differentiation 10 (8), 881-888, 2003
Tumor-specific activation of an EGFR-targeting probody enhances therapeutic index
LR Desnoyers, O Vasiljeva, JH Richardson, A Yang, EEM Menendez, ...
Science translational medicine 5 (207), 207ra144-207ra144, 2013
Synergistic antitumor effects of combined cathepsin B and cathepsin Z deficiencies on breast cancer progression and metastasis in mice
L Sevenich, U Schurigt, K Sachse, M Gajda, F Werner, S Müller, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (6), 2497-2502, 2010
Dual contrasting roles of cysteine cathepsins in cancer progression: apoptosis versus tumour invasion
O Vasiljeva, B Turk
Biochimie 90 (2), 380-386, 2008
Reduced tumour cell proliferation and delayed development of high-grade mammary carcinomas in cathepsin B-deficient mice
O Vasiljeva, M Korovin, M Gajda, H Brodoefel, L Bojic, A Krüger, ...
Oncogene 27 (30), 4191-4199, 2008
Recombinant human procathepsin S is capable of autocatalytic processing at neutral pH in the presence of glycosaminoglycans
O Vasiljeva, M Dolinar, JR Pungerčar, V Turk, B Turk
FEBS letters 579 (5), 1285-1290, 2005
Autocatalytic processing of procathepsin B is triggered by proenzyme activity
JR Pungerčar, D Caglič, M Sajid, M Dolinar, O Vasiljeva, U Požgan, ...
The FEBS journal 276 (3), 660-668, 2009
Nitroxoline impairs tumor progression in vitro and in vivo by regulating cathepsin B activity
B Mirković, B Markelc, M Butinar, A Mitrović, I Sosič, S Gobec, O Vasiljeva, ...
Oncotarget 6 (22), 19027, 2015
Selective targeting of tumor and stromal cells by a nanocarrier system displaying lipidated cathepsin B inhibitor
G Mikhaylov, D Klimpel, N Schaschke, U Mikac, M Vizovisek, M Fonovic, ...
Angewandte Chemie 126 (38), 10241-10245, 2014
A role for stefin B (cystatin B) in inflammation and endotoxemia
K Maher, BJ Kokelj, M Butinar, G Mikhaylov, M Manček-Keber, V Stoka, ...
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Cell type-specific functions of the lysosomal protease cathepsin L in the heart
D Spira, J Stypmann, DJ Tobin, I Petermann, C Mayer, S Hagemann, ...
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Recombinant human cathepsin H lacking the mini chain is an endopeptidase
O Vasiljeva, M Dolinar, V Turk, B Turk
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Differential Impact of Cysteine Cathepsins on Genetic Mouse Models of De novo Carcinogenesis: Cathepsin B as Emerging Therapeutic Target
T Reinheckel, C Peters, A Krüger, B Turk, O Vasiljeva
Frontiers in pharmacology 3, 133, 2012
Stefin B deficiency reduces tumor growth via sensitization of tumor cells to oxidative stress in a breast cancer model
M Butinar, MT Prebanda, J Rajković, B Jerič, V Stoka, C Peters, ...
Oncogene 33 (26), 3392-3400, 2014
Non-invasive in vivo imaging of tumour-associated cathepsin B by a highly selective inhibitory DARPin
L Kramer, M Renko, J Završnik, D Turk, MA Seeger, O Vasiljeva, ...
Theranostics 7 (11), 2806, 2017
Decreased IL-10 expression in stefin B-deficient macrophages is regulated by the MAP kinase and STAT-3 signaling pathways
K Maher, J Završnik, B Jerič-Kokelj, O Vasiljeva, B Turk, N Kopitar-Jerala
FEBS letters 588 (5), 720-726, 2014
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