Jörg Schnecker
Jörg Schnecker
PostDoc, University of Vienna, Department of Microbiology and Ecosystem Science
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Belowground carbon allocation by trees drives seasonal patterns of extracellular enzyme activities by altering microbial community composition in a beech forest soil
C Kaiser, M Koranda, B Kitzler, L Fuchslueger, J Schnecker, P Schweiger, ...
New Phytologist 187 (3), 843-858, 2010
Adjustment of microbial nitrogen use efficiency to carbon: nitrogen imbalances regulates soil nitrogen cycling
M Mooshammer, W Wanek, I Hämmerle, L Fuchslueger, F Hofhansl, ...
Nature communications 5, 3694, 2014
Stoichiometric controls of nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in decomposing beech leaf litter
M Mooshammer, W Wanek, J Schnecker, B Wild, S Leitner, F Hofhansl, ...
Ecology 93 (4), 770-782, 2012
Microbial processes and community composition in the rhizosphere of European beech–the influence of plant C exudates
M Koranda, J Schnecker, C Kaiser, L Fuchslueger, B Kitzler, CF Stange, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 43 (3), 551-558, 2011
Input of easily available organic C and N stimulates microbial decomposition of soil organic matter in arctic permafrost soil
B Wild, J Schnecker, RJE Alves, P Barsukov, J Bárta, P Čapek, N Gentsch, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 75, 143-151, 2014
Distinct microbial communities associated with buried soils in the Siberian tundra
A Gittel, J Bárta, I Kohoutová, R Mikutta, S Owens, J Gilbert, J Schnecker, ...
The ISME journal 8 (4), 841-853, 2014
Microbial physiology and soil CO2 efflux after 9 years of soil warming in a temperate forest–no indications for thermal adaptations
A Schindlbacher, J Schnecker, M Takriti, W Borken, W Wanek
Global change biology 21 (11), 4265-4277, 2015
Storage and transformation of organic matter fractions in cryoturbated permafrost soils across the Siberian Arctic
N Gentsch, R Mikutta, RJE Alves, J Barta, P Čapek, A Gittel, G Hugelius, ...
Biogeosciences 12 (2015), S. 4525-4542, 2015
Nitrogen dynamics in Turbic Cryosols from Siberia and Greenland
B Wild, J Schnecker, J Bárta, P Čapek, G Guggenberger, F Hofhansl, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 67, 85-93, 2013
Effects of Soil Organic Matter Properties and Microbial Community Composition on Enzyme Activities in Cryoturbated Arctic Soils
J Schnecker, B Wild, F Hofhansl, RJE Alves, J Bárta, P Čapek, ...
PLOS ONE 9 (4), e94076, 2014
Microbial nitrogen dynamics in organic and mineral soil horizons along a latitudinal transect in Western Siberia
B Wild, J Schnecker, A Knoltsch, M Takriti, M Mooshammer, N Gentsch, ...
Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 2015
Microbial community composition shapes enzyme patterns in topsoil and subsoil horizons along a latitudinal transect in Western Siberia
J Schnecker, B Wild, M Takriti, RJE Alves, N Gentsch, A Gittel, A Hofer, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 83, 106-115, 2015
Plant-derived compounds stimulate the decomposition of organic matter in arctic permafrost soils
B Wild, N Gentsch, P Čapek, K Diáková, RJE Alves, J Bárta, A Gittel, ...
Scientific Reports 6, 25607, 2016
Site-and horizon-specific patterns of microbial community structure and enzyme activities in permafrost-affected soils of Greenland
A Gittel, J Bárta, I Kohoutová, J Schnecker, B Wild, P Čapek, C Kaiser, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 5, 2014
The effect of warming on the vulnerability of subducted organic carbon in arctic soils
P Čapek, K Diáková, JE Dickopp, J Bárta, B Wild, J Schnecker, RJE Alves, ...
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 90, 19-29, 2015
Properties and bioavailability of particulate and mineral‐associated organic matter in Arctic permafrost soils, Lower Kolyma Region, Russia
N Gentsch, R Mikutta, O Shibistova, B Wild, J Schnecker, A Richter, ...
European Journal of Soil Science 66 (4), 722-734, 2015
A field method to store samples from temperate mountain grassland soils for analysis of phospholipid fatty acids
J Schnecker, B Wild, L Fuchslueger, A Richter
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 51, 81-83, 2012
Little effects on soil organic matter chemistry of density fractions after seven years of forest soil warming
J Schnecker, W Borken, A Schindlbacher, W Wanek
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 103, 300-307, 2016
Decoupling of microbial carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling in response to extreme temperature events
M Mooshammer, F Hofhansl, AH Frank, W Wanek, I Hämmerle, S Leitner, ...
Science Advances 3 (5), e1602781, 2017
Minerals in the rhizosphere: overlooked mediators of soil nitrogen availability to plants and microbes
A Jilling, M Keiluweit, AR Contosta, S Frey, J Schimel, J Schnecker, ...
Biogeochemistry, 1-20, 2018
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