Markus Held
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The influence of temperature dynamics and dynamic finite ion Larmor radius effects on seeded high amplitude plasma blobs
M Held, M Wiesenberger, J Madsen, A Kendl
Nuclear Fusion 56 (12), 126005, 2016
Three discontinuous Galerkin schemes for the anisotropic heat conduction equation on non-aligned grids
M Held, M Wiesenberger, A Stegmeir
Computer Physics Communications 199, 29-39, 2016
Reproducibility, accuracy and performance of the Feltor code and library on parallel computer architectures
M Wiesenberger, L Einkemmer, M Held, A Gutierrez-Milla, X Saez, ...
Computer Physics Communications 238, 145-156, 2019
Non-Oberbeck–Boussinesq zonal flow generation
M Held, M Wiesenberger, R Kube, A Kendl
Nuclear Fusion 58 (10), 104001, 2018
Unified transport scaling laws for plasma blobs and depletions
M Wiesenberger, M Held, R Kube, OE Garcia
Physics of Plasmas 24 (6), 064502, 2017
Advances in the flux-coordinate independent approach
A Stegmeir, O Maj, D Coster, K Lackner, M Held, M Wiesenberger
Computer Physics Communications 213, 111-121, 2017
Streamline integration as a method for two-dimensional elliptic grid generation
M Wiesenberger, M Held, L Einkemmer
Journal of Computational Physics 340, 435-450, 2017
Interchange instability and transport in matter-antimatter plasmas
A Kendl, G Danler, M Wiesenberger, M Held
Physical review letters 118 (23), 235001, 2017
Padé-based arbitrary wavelength polarization closures for full-F gyro-kinetic and-fluid models
M Held, M Wiesenberger, A Kendl
Nuclear Fusion, 2020
Streamline integration as a method for structured grid generation in X-point geometry
M Wiesenberger, M Held, L Einkemmer, A Kendl
Journal of Computational Physics 373, 370-384, 2018
Full-F gyro-fluid modelling of the tokamak edge and scrape-off layer
M Held
The collisional drift wave instability in steep density gradient regimes
M Held, M Wiesenberger, A Kendl
Nuclear Fusion 59 (2), 026015, 2019
Lattice Boltzmann model for collisionless electrostatic drift wave turbulence obeying Charney–Hasegawa–Mima dynamics
M Held, A Kendl
Journal of Computational Physics 298, 622-635, 2015
Comparing particle transport in JET and DIII-D plasmas: gyrokinetic and gyrofluid modelling
E Fransson, F Eriksson, M Oberparleiter, M Held, S Mordijck, H Nordman, ...
Nuclear Fusion, 2020
Angular momentum and rotational energy of meanflows in toroidal magnetic fields
M Wiesenberger, M Held
arXiv preprint arXiv:2003.02707, 2020
Flux-coordinate independent full-F gyrofluid model in toroidal geometry
M Held, M Wiesenberger, A Kendl
Private Communication, 19th Joint EU-US Transport Task Force Meeting, 2014
Lattice-Boltzmann model for the Charney-Hasegawa-Mima equation
M Held
Three-dimensional gyrofluid filament simulations in tokamak scrape-off layers
M Wiesenberger, M Held, A Kendl
Full-F gyrofluid modelling of blob-impurity interaction in the tokamak scrape-off layer
E Reiter, M Held, A Kendl, M Wiesenberger
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