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Green light emitting diodes on a-plane GaN bulk substrates
T Detchprohm, M Zhu, Y Li, Y Xia, C Wetzel, EA Preble, L Liu, T Paskova, ...
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J Senawiratne, Y Li, M Zhu, Y Xia, W Zhao, T Detchprohm, A Chatterjee, ...
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T Detchprohm, M Zhu, W Zhao, Y Wang, Y Li, Y Xia, C Wetzel
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T Detchprohm, M Zhu, Y Xia, Y Li, W Zhao, J Senawiratne, C Wetzel
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J Senawiratne, W Zhao, T Detchprohm, A Chatterjee, Y Li, M Zhu, Y Xia, ...
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Discrete steps in the capacitance-voltage characteristics of GaInN/GaN light emitting diode structures
Y Xia, E Williams, Y Park, I Yilmaz, JM Shah, EF Schubert, C Wetzel
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Radiation Effects on InGaN Quantum Wells and GaN Simultaneously Probed by Ion Beam-Induced Luminescence
JW Tringe, AM Conway, TE Felter, WJM Chan, J Castelaz, V Lordi, Y Xia, ...
Nuclear Science, IEEE Transactions on 55 (6), 3633-3637, 2008
Structural Characterization of Homoepitaxial Blue GaInN/GaN Light-Emitting Diodes by Transmission Electron Microscopy
M Zhu, Y Xia, W Zhao, Y Li, J Senawiratne, T Detchprohm, C Wetzel
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Temperature dependence of the quantum efficiency in green light emitting diode dies
Y Li, W Zhao, Y Xia, M Zhu, J Senawiratne, T Detchprohm, EF Schubert, ...
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Depth profile of donor–acceptor pair transition revealing its effect on the efficiency of green LEDs
Y Xia, Y Li, T Detchprohm, C Wetzel
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3-D Simulations on Coulomb Explosions of Hydrogen Atomic Clusters Irradiated by an Intense Femtosecond Laser Pulse
Y Xia, J Liu, G Ni
CHINESE JOURNAL OF LASERS 31 (8), 922-926, 2004
Green LED development in polar and non-polar growth orientation
C Wetzel, M Zhu, Y Li, W Hou, L Zhao, W Zhao, S You, C Stark, Y Xia, ...
SPIE Optical Engineering+ Applications, 742204-742204-15, 2009
Green Light Emitting Diodes under Photon Modulation
Y Li, J Senawiratne, Y Xia, M Zhu, W Zhao, T Detchprohm, CM Wetzel
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Two-photon bit data storage in azobenzene polymer liquid crystal using low-power cw laser
J Zhang, Z Liang, H Ming, Y Xia, Y Long, J Xie, Q Zhang, W Shen
Fifth International Symposium on Optical Storage (IS0S 2000), 167-170, 2001
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