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CsPbX3 Quantum Dots for Lighting and Displays: Room‐Temperature Synthesis, Photoluminescence Superiorities, Underlying Origins and White Light‐Emitting …
X Li, Y Wu, S Zhang, B Cai, Y Gu, J Song, H Zeng
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (15), 2435-2445, 2016
Atomically Thin Arsenene and Antimonene: Semimetal–Semiconductor and Indirect–Direct Band‐Gap Transitions
S Zhang, Z Yan, Y Li, Z Chen, H Zeng
Angewandte Chemie, 54, 3112-3115, 2015., 2015
Semiconducting Group 15 Monolayers: A Broad Range of Band Gaps and High Carrier Mobilities
S Zhang, M Xie, F Li, Z Yan, Y Li, E Kan, W Liu, Z Chen, H Zeng
Angewandte Chemie 128 (5), 1698-1701, 2016
Two-dimensional antimonene single crystals grown by van der Waals epitaxy
J Ji, X Song, J Liu, Z Yan, C Huo, S Zhang, M Su, L Liao, W Wang, Z Ni, ...
Nature Communications 7, 13352, 2016
Engineering surface states of carbon dots to achieve controllable luminescence for solid-luminescent composites and sensitive Be2+ detection
X Li, S Zhang, SA Kulinich, Y Liu, H Zeng
Scientific reports 4, 4976, 2014
Recent progress in 2D group-VA semiconductors: from theory to experiment
S Zhang, S Guo, Z Chen, Y Wang, H Gao, J Gómez-Herrero, P Ares, ...
Chemical Society Reviews 47 (3), 982-1021, 2018
Antimonene Oxides: Emerging Tunable Direct Bandgap Semiconductor and Novel Topological Insulator
S Zhang, W Zhou, Y Ma, J Ji, B Cai, SA Yang, Z Zhu, Z Chen, H Zeng
Nano Letters, 2017, 17 (6), pp 3434–3440, 2017
Nonlinear Saturable Absorption of Liquid‐Exfoliated Molybdenum/Tungsten Ditelluride Nanosheets
D Mao, B Du, D Yang, S Zhang, Y Wang, W Zhang, X She, H Cheng, ...
Small 12 (11), 1489-1497, 2016
Hydrogenated arsenenes as planar magnet and Dirac material
S Zhang, Y Hu, Z Hu, B Cai, H Zeng
Applied Physics Letters 107 (2), 022102, 2015
WS2 saturable absorber for dissipative soliton mode locking at 1.06 and 1.55 µm
D Mao, S Zhang, Y Wang, X Gan, W Zhang, T Mei, Y Wang, Y Wang, ...
Optics Express 23 (21), 27509-27519, 2015
Semiconductor-topological insulator transition of two-dimensional SbAs induced by biaxial tensile strain
S Zhang, M Xie, B Cai, H Zhang, Y Ma, Z Chen, Z Zhu, Z Hu, H Zeng
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2D V‐V Binary Materials: Status and Challenges
S Guo, Y Zhang, Y Ge, S Zhang, H Zeng, H Zhang
Advanced Materials, 1902352, 2019
GeSe monolayer semiconductor with tunable direct band gap and small carrier effective mass
Y Hu, S Zhang, S Sun, M Xie, B Cai, H Zeng
Applied Physics Letters 107 (12), 122107, 2015
Optimizing Hybridization of 1T and 2H Phases in MoS2 Monolayers to Improve Capacitances of Supercapacitors,
L Jiang, S Zhang, SA Kulinich, X Song, * Haibo Zeng
Materials Research Letters, 2015
A promising two-dimensional solar cell donor: Black arsenic–phosphorus monolayer with 1.54 eV direct bandgap and mobility exceeding 14,000 cm 2 V −1 s −1
Meiqiu Xie a,1 , Shengli Zhang a,1 , Bo Cai a, 1 , Yong Huang a , Yousheng ...
Nano Energy, 2016
Lateral black phosphorene P–N junctions formed via chemical doping for high performance near-infrared photodetector
X Yu, S Zhang, H Zeng, QJ Wang
Nano Energy 25, 34-41, 2016
Few-layer antimonene: Anisotropic expansion and reversible crystalline-phase evolution enable large-capacity and long-life Na-ion batteries
W Tian, S Zhang, C Huo, D Zhu, Q Li, L Wang, X Ren, L Xie, S Guo, ...
ACS nano 12 (2), 1887-1893, 2018
Electronic structure and optical properties of graphene/stanene heterobilayer
X Chen, R Meng, J Jiang, Q Liang, Q Yang, C Tan, X Sun, S Zhang, T Ren
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 18 (24), 16302-16309, 2016
Ab initio study of the adsorption of small molecules on stanene
X Chen, C Tan, Q Yang, R Meng, Q Liang, M Cai, S Zhang, J Jiang
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (26), 13987-13994, 2016
Boosting Two-Dimensional MoS2/CsPbBr3 Photodetectors via Enhanced Light Absorbance and Interfacial Carrier Separation
X Song, X Liu, D Yu, C Huo, J Ji, X Li, S Zhang, Y Zou, G Zhu, Y Wang, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (3), 2801-2809, 2018
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