Alireza Aghaei
Alireza Aghaei
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kashan
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Natural convection in a trapezoidal enclosure filled with carbon nanotube–EG–water nanofluid
Mohammad Hemmat Esfe, Ali Akbar Abbasian Arani, Wei-Mon Yan, Hamidreza ...
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Numerical study of magnetic field on mixed convection and entropy generation of nanofluid in a trapezoidal enclosure
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Effects of magnetic field on mixed convection heat transfer and entropy generation of Cu-water nanofluid in a trapezoidal enclosure.
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Mixed convection flow and heat transfer in an up-driven, inclined, square enclosure subjected to DWCNT-water nanofluid containing three circular heat sources
M Hemmat Esfe, A Akbar Abbasian Arani, A Aghaie, S Wongwises
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Effect of l-carnitine on sperm quality during liquid storage of chicken semen
S Tabatabaei, A Aghaei
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Natural convection in T-shaped cavities filled with water-based suspensions of COOH-functionalized multi walled carbon nanotubes
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Lithofacies and sequence stratigraphic analysis of the Upper Jurassic siliciclastics in the eastern Kopet-Dagh Basin, NE Iran
H Zand-Moghadam, R Moussavi-Harami, A Mahboubi, A Aghaei
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Investigation of the genetic and phenotypic potential of productive traits using the uni and multiple traits animal model in river buffalo
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Numerical investigation of thermo-hydraulic characteristics of corrugated air-heater solar collectors
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Fermenting cell walls of processed sugarcane pith by ruminal bacteria, protozoa and fungi
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Estimation of genetic trend for body weights at post-weaning in Zandi sheep
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M Hemmat Esfe, AA Abbasian Arani, W Mon Yan, A Aghaei
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Analysis of Magnetic Field Effects on Distributed Heat Sources in a Nanofluid-Filled Enclosure by Natural Convection.
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Numerical Investigation of Mixed Convection Fluid Flow, Heat Transfer and Entropy Generation in Triangular Enclosure Filled with a Nanofluid.
A Aghaei, GA Sheikhzadeh, H Ehteram, M Hajiahmadi
Journal of Applied Fluid Mechanics 9 (1), 2016
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