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Jan-Michael Peters
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How proteolysis drives the cell cycle
RW King, RJ Deshaies, JM Peters, MW Kirschner
Science 274 (5293), 1652-1659, 1996
The anaphase promoting complex/cyclosome: a machine designed to destroy
JM Peters
Nature reviews Molecular cell biology 7 (9), 644-656, 2006
The small molecule Hesperadin reveals a role for Aurora B in correcting kinetochore–microtubule attachment and in maintaining the spindle assembly checkpoint
S Hauf, RW Cole, S LaTerra, C Zimmer, G Schnapp, R Walter, A Heckel, ...
The Journal of cell biology 161 (2), 281-294, 2003
Cohesin mediates transcriptional insulation by CCCTC-binding factor
KS Wendt, K Yoshida, T Itoh, M Bando, B Koch, E Schirghuber, ...
Nature 451 (7180), 796-801, 2008
A 20S complex containing CDC27 and CDC16 catalyzes the mitosis-specific conjugation of ubiquitin to cyclin B
RW King, JM Peters, S Tugendreich, M Rolfe, P Hieter, MW Kirschner
Cell 81 (2), 279-288, 1995
Anaphase-promoting complex
JM Peters
Encyclopedia of Molecular Medicine 1, 193, 2002
Anaphase initiation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is controlled by the APC-dependent degradation of the anaphase inhibitor Pds1p.
O Cohen-Fix, JM Peters, MW Kirschner, D Koshland
Genes & development 10 (24), 3081-3093, 1996
Phenotypic profiling of the human genome by time-lapse microscopy reveals cell division genes
B Neumann, T Walter, JK Hériché, J Bulkescher, H Erfle, C Conrad, ...
Nature 464 (7289), 721-727, 2010
BI 2536, a potent and selective inhibitor of polo-like kinase 1, inhibits tumor growth in vivo
M Steegmaier, M Hoffmann, A Baum, P Lénárt, M Petronczki, M Krššák, ...
Current biology 17 (4), 316-322, 2007
Two distinct pathways remove mammalian cohesin from chromosome arms in prophase and from centromeres in anaphase
IC Waizenegger, S Hauf, A Meinke, JM Peters
Cell 103 (3), 399-410, 2000
The small-molecule inhibitor BI 2536 reveals novel insights into mitotic roles of polo-like kinase 1
P Lénárt, M Petronczki, M Steegmaier, B Di Fiore, JJ Lipp, M Hoffmann, ...
Current biology 17 (4), 304-315, 2007
Histone H3 serine 10 phosphorylation by Aurora B causes HP1 dissociation from heterochromatin
T Hirota, JJ Lipp, BH Toh, JM Peters
Nature 438 (7071), 1176-1180, 2005
Topologically associating domains and chromatin loops depend on cohesin and are regulated by CTCF, WAPL, and PDS5 proteins
G Wutz, C Várnai, K Nagasaka, DA Cisneros, RR Stocsits, W Tang, ...
The EMBO journal 36 (24), 3573-3599, 2017
Wapl controls the dynamic association of cohesin with chromatin
S Kueng, B Hegemann, BH Peters, JJ Lipp, A Schleiffer, K Mechtler, ...
Cell 127 (5), 955-967, 2006
DNA loop extrusion by human cohesin
IF Davidson, B Bauer, D Goetz, W Tang, G Wutz, JM Peters
Science 366 (6471), 1338-1345, 2019
BAC TransgeneOmics: a high-throughput method for exploration of protein function in mammals
I Poser, M Sarov, JRA Hutchins, JK Hériché, Y Toyoda, A Pozniakovsky, ...
Nature methods 5 (5), 409-415, 2008
Cohesin cleavage by separase required for anaphase and cytokinesis in human cells
S Hauf, IC Waizenegger, JM Peters
Science 293 (5533), 1320-1323, 2001
The cohesin complex and its roles in chromosome biology
JM Peters, A Tedeschi, J Schmitz
Genes & development 22 (22), 3089-3114, 2008
Mitotic regulation of the APC activator proteins CDC20 and CDH1
ER Kramer, N Scheuringer, AV Podtelejnikov, M Mann, JM Peters
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The dissociation of cohesin from chromosomes in prophase is regulated by Polo-like kinase
I Sumara, E Vorlaufer, PT Stukenberg, O Kelm, N Redemann, EA Nigg, ...
Molecular cell 9 (3), 515-525, 2002
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