Sarah Masters
Sarah Masters
Senior Lecturer, University of Canterbury
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Spontaneous Generation of Stable Pnictinyl Radicals from “Jack-in-the-Box” Dipnictines: A Solid-State, Gas-Phase, and Theoretical Investigation of the Origins of Steric …
SL Hinchley, CA Morrison, DWH Rankin, CLB Macdonald, RJ Wiacek, ...
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The molecular structure of tetra-tert-butyldiphosphine: an extremely distorted, sterically crowded molecule
SL Hinchley, HE Robertson, KB Borisenko, AR Turner, BF Johnston, ...
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Molecular structures of Se (SCH 3) 2 and Te (SCH 3) 2 using gas-phase electron diffraction and ab initio and DFT geometry optimisations
H Fleischer, DA Wann, SL Hinchley, KB Borisenko, JR Lewis, ...
Dalton Transactions, 3221-3228, 2005
Persistent phosphinyl radicals from a bulky diphosphine: an example of a molecular jack-in-the-boxElectronic supplementary information (ESI) available: summary of GED details …
SL Hinchley, CA Morrison, DWH Rankin, CLB Macdonald, RJ Wiacek, ...
Chemical Communications, 2045-2046, 2000
Strong Intramolecular Secondary Si⋅⋅⋅ N Bonds in Trifluorosilylhydrazines
K Vojinović, LJ McLachlan, SL Hinchley, DWH Rankin, NW Mitzel
Chemistry–A European Journal 10 (12), 3033-3042, 2004
Planar 1,3λ4δ2,2,4‐Benzodithiadiazine and Its Nonplanar 5,6,7,8‐Tetrafluoro Derivative: Gas‐Phase Structures Studied by Electron Diffraction and Ab Initio …
F Blockhuys, SL Hinchley, A Yu. Marakov, YV Gatilov, AV Zibarev, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 7 (16), 3592-3602, 2001
Determination of Sugar Structures in Solution from Residual Dipolar Coupling Constants:  Methodology and Application to Methyl β-d-Xylopyranoside
TN Pham, SL Hinchley, DWH Rankin, T Liptaj, D Uhrín
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Molecular dynamics simulations to aid the rational design of organic friction modifiers
JE Davidson, SL Hinchley, SG Harris, A Parkin, S Parsons, PA Tasker
Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling 25 (4), 495-506, 2006
Molecular structure of tris (dipivaloylmethanato) lutetium (III) studied by gas electron diffraction and ab initio and DFT calculations
NV Belova, GV Girichev, SL Hinchley, NP Kuzmina, DWH Rankin, ...
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The strength of hydrogen bonding to metal-bound ligands can contribute to changes in the redox behaviour of metal centres
JCM Rivas, SL Hinchley, L Metteau, S Parsons
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1, 1, 2-Tri-tert-butyldisilane, Bu t 2 HSiSiH 2 Bu t: vibrational spectra and molecular structure in the gas phase by electron diffraction and ab initio calculations
SL Hinchley, BA Smart, CA Morrison, HE Robertson, DWH Rankin, R Zink, ...
Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 2303-2310, 1999
Synthesis, decomposition, and structural studies in the gas phase and solid state of N, N-dimethylaminoxygermane
NW Mitzel, U Losehand, SL Hinchley, DWH Rankin
Inorganic chemistry 40 (4), 661-666, 2001
Primary phosphines studied by gas-phase electron diffraction and quantum chemical calculations. Are they different from amines?
R Noble-Eddy, SL Masters, DWH Rankin, DA Wann, HE Robertson, ...
Inorganic chemistry 48 (17), 8603-8612, 2009
New chemistry of 1, 2-closo-P 2 B 10 H 10 and 1, 2-closo-As 2 B 10 H 10; in silico and gas electron diffraction structures, and new metalladiphospha-and metalladiarsaboranes
R McLellan, NM Boag, K Dodds, D Ellis, SA Macgregor, D McKay, ...
Dalton Transactions 40 (27), 7181-7192, 2011
The gas-phase structure of octaphenyloctasilsesquioxane Si 8 O 12 Ph 8 and the crystal structures of Si 8 O 12 (p-tolyl) 8 and Si 8 O 12 (p-ClCH 2 C 6 H 4) 8
AV Zakharov, SL Masters, DA Wann, SA Shlykov, GV Girichev, ...
Dalton Transactions 39 (30), 6960-6966, 2010
Molecular Structures of the Digermanes Me2XGeGeXMe2 (X = Me, Cl, and H): An Ab Initio Study Combined with Experimental Investigation by Raman …
M Hölbling, SL Masters, M Flock, J Baumgartner, K Hassler, ...
Inorganic chemistry 47 (8), 3023-3033, 2008
Structure by theory and experiment: One nationality, two languages
SL Hinchley, DA Wann, DWH Rankin
International journal of quantum chemistry 101 (6), 878-884, 2005
Dynamic interaction of theory and experiment: total determination of the gas-phase molecular structure of tri-tert-butylphosphine oxide (OPBu t 3)
SL Hinchley, MF Haddow, DWH Rankin
Dalton Transactions, 384-391, 2004
Gas-phase structures of ketene and acetic acid from acetic anhydride using very-high-temperature gas electron diffraction
SJ Atkinson, R Noble-Eddy, SL Masters
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 120 (12), 2041-2048, 2016
Molecular structure of 1, 1, 2, 2-tetra-tert-butyldisilane: unusual structural motifs in sterically crowded disilanes
SL Hinchley, HE Robertson, A Parkin, DWH Rankin, G Tekautz, K Hassler
Dalton Transactions, 759-766, 2004
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