Ke Zhu (朱柯)
Ke Zhu (朱柯)
Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Bristol
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Chromium isotopic evidence for an early formation of chondrules from the Ornans CO chondrite
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大别—苏鲁超高压榴辉岩中富 Si 金红石的地球化学意义
朱柯, 梁金龙, 沈骥, 孙卫东, 赵静
地学前缘 (中国地质大学 (北京) 24 (3), 2017
Calcium isotope evolution during differentiation of Vesta and calcium isotopic heterogeneities in the inner solar system
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Precise and Accurate Mass-independent Chromium Isotope Measurement by Total Evaporation Mode on Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry (TE-TIMS) at 200 ng Level
LJ Xu, K Zhu, QR Man, J Lewis, HB Ma, SA Liu
Atomic Spectroscopy 44 (3), 142-152, 2023
Chromium isotopic insights into early solar system evolution and origin of terrestrial planets
K Zhu
Université Paris Cité, 2021
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