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Oxygen Vacancy–Rich In‐Doped CoO/CoP Heterostructure as an Effective Air Cathode for Rechargeable Zn–Air Batteries
W Jin, J Chen, B Liu, J Hu, Z Wu, W Cai, G Fu
Small 15 (46), 1904210, 2019
Recent progress on electrolyte additives for stable lithium metal anode
S Li, Z Luo, L Li, J Hu, G Zou, H Hou, X Ji
Energy Storage Materials 32, 306-319, 2020
One-pot synthesis of multifunctional magnetic N-doped graphene composite for SERS detection, adsorption separation and photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine 6G
L Yang, J Hu, L He, J Tang, Y Zhou, J Li, K Ding
Chemical Engineering Journal 327, 694-704, 2017
Surface‐driven energy storage behavior of dual‐heteroatoms functionalized carbon material
T Wu, M Jing, Y Tian, L Yang, J Hu, X Cao, G Zou, H Hou, X Ji
Advanced Functional Materials 29 (17), 1900941, 2019
Selective transport and simultaneous separation of Cu (II), Zn (II) and Mg (II) using a dual polymer inclusion membrane system
D Wang, J Hu, D Liu, Q Chen, J Li
Journal of membrane science 524, 205-213, 2017
Ultra-stable Sb confined into N-doped carbon fibers anodes for high-performance potassium-ion batteries
D Liu, L Yang, Z Chen, G Zou, H Hou, J Hu, X Ji
Science Bulletin 65 (12), 1003-1012, 2020
Electrochemically Exfoliated Phosphorene–Graphene Hybrid for Sodium‐Ion Batteries
H Shuai, P Ge, W Hong, S Li, J Hu, H Hou, G Zou, X Ji
Small Methods 3 (2), 1800328, 2019
Liquid alloy interlayer for aqueous zinc-ion battery
C Liu, Z Luo, W Deng, W Wei, L Chen, A Pan, J Ma, C Wang, L Zhu, L Xie, ...
ACS Energy Letters 6 (2), 675-683, 2021
Self-catalytic stabilized Ag-Cu nanoparticles with tailored SERS response for plasmonic photocatalysis
L He, C Liu, J Tang, Y Zhou, H Yang, R Liu, J Hu
Applied Surface Science 434, 265-272, 2018
The bond evolution mechanism of covalent sulfurized carbon during electrochemical sodium storage process
T Wu, C Zhang, G Zou, J Hu, L Zhu, X Cao, H Hou, X Ji
Science China Materials 62 (8), 1127-1138, 2019
Real-time X-ray imaging reveals interfacial growth, suppression, and dissolution of zinc dendrites dependent on anions of ionic liquid additives for rechargeable battery …
Y Song, J Hu, J Tang, W Gu, L He, X Ji
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (46), 32031-32040, 2016
In situ NH2-functionalized graphene oxide/SiO2 composites to improve Cu (II) removal from ammoniacal solutions
L Yang, J Hu, W Wu, J Tang, K Ding, J Li
Chemical Engineering Journal 306, 77-85, 2016
Selective and efficient electrochemical recovery of dilute copper and tellurium from acidic chloride solutions
W Jin, M Hu, J Hu
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (10), 13378-13384, 2018
Extraction enhancement of zinc (II) in ammoniacal media through solvent and synergistic effects: a structural and mechanistic investigation
J Hu, Q Chen, H Hu, F Hu, X Chen, Z Yin
Chemical engineering journal 215, 7-14, 2013
Revealing the activation effects of high valence cobalt in CoMoO4 towards highly reversible conversion
Y Zhang, C Liu, X Gao, Z Luo, J Hu, G Zou, H Hou, Z Xu, X Ji
Nano Energy 68, 104333, 2020
Defective graphene aerogel-supported Bi–CoP nanoparticles as a high-potential air cathode for rechargeable Zn–air batteries
J Chen, B Ni, J Hu, Z Wu, W Jin
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (39), 22507-22513, 2019
Evidence on the 2-nitrophenyl octyl ether (NPOE) facilitating Copper (II) transport through polymer inclusion membranes
D Wang, J Hu, Y Li, M Fu, D Liu, Q Chen
Journal of Membrane Science 501, 228-235, 2016
Inhibition role of trace metal ion additives on zinc dendrites during plating and striping processes
G Chang, S Liu, Y Fu, X Hao, W Jin, X Ji, J Hu
Advanced Materials Interfaces 6 (23), 1901358, 2019
Extraction behavior of nickel (II) in ammoniacal sulfate solution with sterically hindered β-diketone
J Hu, Q Chen, H Hu, B Qiu, A Xie, Z Yin
Separation and purification technology 95, 136-143, 2012
Molecular-level CuS@ S hybrid nanosheets constructed by mineral chemistry for energy storage systems
S Li, P Ge, F Jiang, CW Foster, CE Banks, W Xu, Y Zhang, W Hong, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (50), 43669-43681, 2018
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