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Full-length RecE enhances linear-linear homologous recombination and facilitates direct cloning for bioprospecting
J Fu, X Bian, S Hu, H Wang, F Huang, PM Seibert, A Plaza, L Xia, ...
Nature biotechnology 30 (5), 440-446, 2012
Recent advances in the heterologous expression of microbial natural product biosynthetic pathways
SE Ongley, X Bian, BA Neilan, R Müller
Natural product reports 30 (8), 1121-1138, 2013
In vivo evidence for a prodrug activation mechanism during colibactin maturation
X Bian, J Fu, A Plaza, J Herrmann, D Pistorius, AF Stewart, Y Zhang, ...
ChemBioChem 14 (10), 1194-1197, 2013
Direct Cloning, Genetic Engineering, and Heterologous Expression of the Syringolin Biosynthetic Gene Cluster in E. coli through Red/ET Recombineering
X Bian, F Huang, FA Stewart, L Xia, Y Zhang, R Müller
ChemBioChem 13 (13), 1946-1952, 2012
Improved seamless mutagenesis by recombineering using ccdB for counterselection
H Wang, X Bian, L Xia, X Ding, R Müller, Y Zhang, J Fu, AF Stewart
Nucleic acids research 42 (5), e37-e37, 2014
High Titer Heterologous Production of Lyngbyatoxin in E. coli, a Protein Kinase C Activator from an Uncultured Marine Cyanobacterium
SE Ongley, X Bian, Y Zhang, R Chau, WH Gerwick, R Müller, BA Neilan
ACS Chemical Biology 8 (9), 1888-1893, 2013
Rufuslactone, a new antifungal sesquiterpene from the fruiting bodies of the basidiomycete Lactarius rufus
DQ Luo, F Wang, XY Bian, JK Liu
The Journal of antibiotics 58 (7), 456-459, 2005
RecET direct cloning and Redαβ recombineering of biosynthetic gene clusters, large operons or single genes for heterologous expression
H Wang, Z Li, R Jia, Y Hou, J Yin, X Bian, A Li, R Müller, AF Stewart, J Fu, ...
nature protocols 11 (7), 1175, 2016
Two more pieces of the colibactin genotoxin puzzle from Escherichia coli show incorporation of an unusual 1-aminocyclopropanecarboxylic acid moiety
X Bian, A Plaza, Y Zhang, R Müller
Chemical science 6 (5), 3154-3160, 2015
Luminmycins A–C, Cryptic Natural Products from Photorhabdus luminescens Identified by Heterologous Expression in Escherichia coli
X Bian, A Plaza, Y Zhang, R Müller
Journal of Natural Products 75 (9), 1652-1655, 2012
Direct cloning and heterologous expression of the salinomycin biosynthetic gene cluster from Streptomyces albus DSM41398 in Streptomyces coelicolor A3 (2)
J Yin, M Hoffmann, X Bian, Q Tu, F Yan, L Xia, X Ding, AF Stewart, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-8, 2015
A new recombineering system for Photorhabdus and Xenorhabdus
J Yin, H Zhu, L Xia, X Ding, T Hoffmann, M Hoffmann, X Bian, R Müller, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (6), e36-e36, 2015
Heterologous production of glidobactins/luminmycins in Escherichia coli Nissle containing the glidobactin biosynthetic gene cluster from Burkholderia DSM7029
X Bian, F Huang, H Wang, T Klefisch, R Müller, Y Zhang
Chembiochem 15 (15), 2221-2224, 2014
Heterologous expression of bacterial natural product biosynthetic pathways
L Huo, JJ Hug, C Fu, X Bian, Y Zhang, R Müller
Natural product reports 36 (10), 1412-1436, 2019
Genetic engineering and heterologous expression of the disorazol biosynthetic gene cluster via Red/ET recombineering
Q Tu, J Herrmann, S Hu, R Raju, X Bian, Y Zhang, R Müller
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Heterologous Production and Yield Improvement of Epothilones in Burkholderiales Strain DSM 7029
X Bian, B Tang, Y Yu, Q Tu, F Gross, H Wang, A Li, J Fu, Y Shen, Y Li, ...
ACS chemical biology 12 (7), 1805-1812, 2017
Isolation and screening of antagonistic actinomycetes from soils [J]
Q Wang, B Shi, X Bian, Z Ji
Plant Protection 3, 010, 2008
Discovery of recombinases enables genome mining of cryptic biosynthetic gene clusters in Burkholderiales species
X Wang, H Zhou, H Chen, X Jing, W Zheng, R Li, T Sun, J Liu, J Fu, L Huo, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (18), E4255-E4263, 2018
Simple and rapid direct cloning and heterologous expression of natural product biosynthetic gene cluster in Bacillus subtilis via Red/ET recombineering
Q Liu, Q Shen, X Bian, H Chen, J Fu, H Wang, P Lei, Z Guo, W Chen, D Li, ...
Scientific reports 6, 34623, 2016
Rational and efficient site‐directed mutagenesis of adenylation domain alters relative yields of luminmide derivatives in vivo
X Bian, A Plaza, F Yan, Y Zhang, R Müller
Biotechnology and bioengineering 112 (7), 1343-1353, 2015
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