Yon Visell
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Human walking in virtual environments: Perception, technology, and applications
F Steinicke, Y Visell, J Campos, A Lécuyer
Springer Verlag, Series in Engineering, 2013
Tactile sensory substitution: Models for enaction in HCI
Y Visell
Interacting with Computers 21 (1-2), 38-53, 2008
Touch is everywhere: Floor surfaces as ambient haptic interfaces
Y Visell, A Law, JR Cooperstock
IEEE Transactions on Haptics 2 (3), 148-159, 2009
Sound design and perception in walking interactions
Y Visell, F Fontana, BL Giordano, R Nordahl, S Serafin, R Bresin
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Spatial patterns of cutaneous vibration during whole-hand haptic interactions
Y Shao, V Hayward, Y Visell
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (15), 4188-4193, 2016
Sonic interaction design: sound, information and experience
D Rocchesso, S Serafin, F Behrendt, N Bernardini, R Bresin, G Eckel, ...
CHI'08 Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 3969-3972, 2008
A vibrotactile device for display of virtual ground materials in walking
Y Visell, JR Cooperstock, BL Giordano, K Franinovic, A Law, S McAdams, ...
International Conference on Human Haptic Sensing and Touch Enabled Computer …, 2008
Toward the design and evaluation of continuous sound in tangible interfaces: The Spinotron
G Lemaitre, O Houix, Y Visell, K Franinović, N Misdariis, P Susini
International Journal of Human-Computer Studies 67 (11), 976-993, 2009
Vibration influences haptic perception of surface compliance during walking
Y Visell, BL Giordano, G Millet, JR Cooperstock
PLoS one 6 (3), e17697, 2011
Identification of walked-upon materials in auditory, kinesthetic, haptic, and audio-haptic conditions
BL Giordano, Y Visell, HY Yao, V Hayward, JR Cooperstock, S McAdams
J Acoust Soc Am 131 (5), 4002-14, 2012
Sound embodied: explorations of sonic interaction design for everyday objects in a workshop setting
D Hug, K Franinovic, Y Visell
Proc. International Conference on Auditory Display, 2007
A multi-modal floor-space for displaying material deformation underfoot in virtual reality
AW Law, BV Peck, Y Visell, PG Kry, JR Cooperstock
Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshop on Haptic Audio Visual …, 2008
Interaction capture in immersive virtual environments via an intelligent floor surface.
Y Visell, A Law, J Ip, S Smith, JR Cooperstock
IEEE Virtual Reality, 313-314, 2010
Auditory feedback from continuous control of crumpling sound synthesis
R Bresin, S Delle Monache, F Fontana, S Papetti, P Polotti, Y Visell
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Non-visual identification of walking grounds
BL Giordano, S McAdams, Y Visell, J Cooperstock, HY Yao, V Hayward
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 123, 3412, 2008
Contact sensing and interaction techniques for a distributed, multimodal floor display
Y Visell, S Smith, A Law, R Rajalingham, JR Cooperstock
IEEE 3D User Interfaces (3DUI), 2010 IEEE Symposium on, 75-78, 2010
Mutual capacitance of liquid conductors in deformable tactile sensing arrays
B Li, AK Fontecchio, Y Visell
Applied Physics Letters 108 (1), 013502, 2016
Closing the loop of sound evaluation and design
P Susini, N Misdariis, G Lemaitre, O Houix, D Rocchesso, P Polotti, ...
Perceptual Quality of Systems 2 (4), 2006
Design of a vibrotactile display via a rigid surface
Y Visell, JR Cooperstock
Proceedings of the IEEE Haptics Symposium, 133-140, 2010
Spontaneous organisation, pattern models, and music
Y Visell
Organised Sound 9 (2), 151-165, 2004
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