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Robert D. Willows
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The Chlamydomonas Genome Reveals the Evolution of Key Animal and Plant Functions
SS Merchant, SE Prochnik, O Vallon, EH Harris, SJ Karpowicz, ...
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A red-shifted chlorophyll
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Magnesium-protoporphyrin chelatase of Rhodobacter sphaeroides: reconstitution of activity by combining the products of the bchH,-I, and-D genes expressed in Escherichia coli.
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Interplay between an AAA module and an integrin I domain may regulate the function of magnesium chelatase
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A cyanobacterium that contains chlorophyll f–a red-absorbing photopigment
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RD Willows
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Structural genes for Mg-chelatase subunits in barley:Xantha-f, -g and-h
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Three Separate Proteins Constitute the Magnesium Chelatase of Rhodobacter Sphaeroides
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Strategic distribution of protective proteins within bran layers of wheat protects the nutrient-rich endosperm
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Characterization of red-shifted phycobilisomes isolated from the chlorophyll f-containing cyanobacterium Halomicronema hongdechloris
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Mammalian forebrain ketimine reductase identified as μ‐crystallin; potential regulation by thyroid hormones
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ATP-induced conformational dynamics in the AAA+ motor unit of magnesium chelatase
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Three semidominant barley mutants with single amino acid substitutions in the smallest magnesium chelatase subunit form defective AAA+ hexamers
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Heterologous expression of the Rhodobacter capsulatus BchI,-D, and-H genes that encode magnesium chelatase subunits and characterization of the reconstituted enzyme
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18O labeling of chlorophyll d in Acaryochloris marina reveals that chlorophyll a and molecular oxygen are precursors
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Structure of Chlorophyll f
RD Willows, Y Li, H Scheer, M Chen
Organic letters 15 (7), 1588-1590, 2013
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