Simon J. Furney
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Association of plasma clusterin concentration with severity, pathology, and progression in Alzheimer disease
M Thambisetty, A Simmons, L Velayudhan, A Hye, J Campbell, Y Zhang, ...
Archives of general psychiatry 67 (7), 739-748, 2010
SF3B1 Mutations Are Associated with Alternative Splicing in Uveal Melanoma
SJ Furney, M Pedersen, D Gentien, AG Dumont, A Rapinat, L Desjardins, ...
Cancer discovery 3 (10), 1122-1129, 2013
Ultraviolet radiation accelerates BRAF-driven melanomagenesis by targeting TP53
A Viros, B Sanchez-Laorden, M Pedersen, SJ Furney, J Rae, K Hogan, ...
Nature 511 (7510), 478-482, 2014
Clusterin regulates β-amyloid toxicity via Dickkopf-1-driven induction of the wnt–PCP–JNK pathway
R Killick, EM Ribe, R Al-Shawi, B Malik, C Hooper, C Fernandes, ...
Molecular psychiatry 19 (1), 88-98, 2014
Application of Sequencing, Liquid Biopsies, and Patient-Derived Xenografts for Personalized Medicine in MelanomaPersonalized Medicine in Melanoma
MR Girotti, G Gremel, R Lee, E Galvani, D Rothwell, A Viros, AK Mandal, ...
Cancer discovery 6 (3), 286-299, 2016
Whole genome sequencing of matched primary and metastatic acral melanomas
S Turajlic, SJ Furney, MB Lambros, C Mitsopoulos, I Kozarewa, FC Geyer, ...
Genome research 22 (2), 196-207, 2012
Genome sequencing of mucosal melanomas reveals that they are driven by distinct mechanisms from cutaneous melanoma
SJ Furney, S Turajlic, G Stamp, M Nohadani, A Carlisle, JM Thomas, ...
The Journal of pathology 230 (3), 261-269, 2013
Genome-wide association with MRI atrophy measures as a quantitative trait locus for Alzheimer's disease
SJ Furney, A Simmons, G Breen, I Pedroso, K Lunnon, P Proitsi, ...
Molecular psychiatry 16 (11), 1130-1138, 2011
Mitochondrial dysfunction and immune activation are detectable in early Alzheimer's disease blood
K Lunnon, Z Ibrahim, P Proitsi, A Lourdusamy, S Newhouse, M Sattlecker, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's disease 30 (3), 685-710, 2012
IntOGen: integration and data mining of multidimensional oncogenomic data
G Gundem, C Perez-Llamas, A Jene-Sanz, A Kedzierska, A Islam, ...
Nature methods 7 (2), 92-93, 2010
Structural and functional properties of genes involved in human cancer
SJ Furney, DG Higgins, CA Ouzounis, N López-Bigas
BMC genomics 7 (1), 1-11, 2006
Differences in the evolutionary history of disease genes affected by dominant or recessive mutations
SJ Furney, M Albà, N López-Bigas
BMC genomics 7 (1), 1-11, 2006
The mutational burden of acral melanoma revealed by whole‐genome sequencing and comparative analysis
SJ Furney, S Turajlic, G Stamp, JM Thomas, A Hayes, D Strauss, ...
Pigment cell & melanoma research 27 (5), 835-838, 2014
A blood gene expression marker of early Alzheimer's disease
K Lunnon, M Sattlecker, SJ Furney, G Coppola, A Simmons, P Proitsi, ...
Journal Of Alzheimer's Disease 33 (3), 737-753, 2013
Whole-exome sequencing and imaging genetics identify functional variants for rate of change in hippocampal volume in mild cognitive impairment
K Nho, JJ Corneveaux, S Kim, H Lin, SL Risacher, L Shen, ...
Molecular psychiatry 18 (7), 781-787, 2013
A whole‐genome massively parallel sequencing analysis of BRCA1 mutant oestrogen receptor‐negative and ‐positive breast cancers
R Natrajan, A Mackay, MB Lambros, B Weigelt, PM Wilkerson, E Manie, ...
The Journal of pathology 227 (1), 29-41, 2012
Combinatorial markers of mild cognitive impairment conversion to Alzheimer's disease-cytokines and MRI measures together predict disease progression
SJ Furney, D Kronenberg, A Simmons, A Guentert, RJ Dobson, P Proitsi, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease 26 (s3), 395-405, 2011
Whole-genome sequencing reveals complex mechanisms of intrinsic resistance to BRAF inhibition
S Turajlic, SJ Furney, G Stamp, S Rana, G Ricken, Y Oduko, G Saturno, ...
Annals of oncology 25 (5), 959-967, 2014
Protective variant for hippocampal atrophy identified by whole exome sequencing
K Nho, S Kim, SL Risacher, L Shen, JJ Corneveaux, S Swaminathan, ...
Annals of neurology 77 (3), 547-552, 2015
Alzheimer's disease susceptibility variants in the MS4A6A gene are associated with altered levels of MS4A6A expression in blood
P Proitsi, SH Lee, K Lunnon, A Keohane, J Powell, C Troakes, S Al-Sarraj, ...
Neurobiology of aging 35 (2), 279-290, 2014
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