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Cassini/VIMS hyperspectral observations of the HUYGENS landing site on Titan
S Rodriguez, S Le Mouélic, C Sotin, H Clénet, RN Clark, B Buratti, ...
Planetary and Space Science 54 (15), 1510-1523, 2006
Cassini/VIMS hyperspectral observations of the HUYGENS landing site on Titan
S Rodriguez, S Le Mouélic, C Sotin, H Clénet, RN Clark, B Buratti, ...
Planetary and Space Science 54 (15), 1510-1523, 2006
A new systematic approach using the Modified Gaussian Model: Insight for the characterization of chemical composition of olivines, pyroxenes and olivine–pyroxene mixtures
H Clénet, P Pinet, Y Daydou, F Heuripeau, C Rosemberg, D Baratoux, ...
Icarus 213 (1), 404-422, 2011
On the Potentiality of UAV Multispectral Imagery to Detect Flavescence dorée and Grapevine Trunk Diseases
J Albetis, A Jacquin, M Goulard, H Poilvé, J Rousseau, H Clenet, ...
Remote Sensing 11 (1), 23, 2018
Pristine Noachian crust and key geologic transitions in the lower walls of Valles Marineris: Insights into early igneous processes on Mars
J Flahaut, C Quantin, H Clenet, P Allemand, JF Mustard, P Thomas
Icarus 221 (1), 420-435, 2012
Thick sections of layered ultramafic cumulates in the Oman ophiolite revealed by an airborne hyperspectral survey: Petrogenesis and relationship to mantle diapirism
H Clénet, G Ceuleneer, P Pinet, B Abily, Y Daydou, E Harris, I Amri, ...
Lithos 114 (3-4), 265-281, 2010
A deep crust–mantle boundary in the asteroid 4 Vesta
H Clenet, M Jutzi, JA Barrat, EI Asphaug, W Benz, P Gillet
Nature 511 (7509), 303-306, 2014
Composition and structures of the subsurface in the vicinity of Valles Marineris as revealed by central uplifts of impact craters
C Quantin, J Flahaut, H Clenet, P Allemand, P Thomas
Icarus 221 (1), 436-452, 2012
Dikes of distinct composition intruded into Noachian‐aged crust exposed in the walls of Valles Marineris
J Flahaut, JF Mustard, C Quantin, H Clenet, P Allemand, P Thomas
Geophysical Research Letters 38 (15), 2011
MarsSI: Martian surface data processing information system
C Quantin-Nataf, L Lozac'h, P Thollot, D Loizeau, B Bultel, J Fernando, ...
Planetary and Space Science 150, 157-170, 2018
A systematic mapping procedure based on the Modified Gaussian Model to characterize magmatic units from olivine/pyroxenes mixtures: Application to the Syrtis Major volcanic …
H Clenet, P Pinet, G Ceuleneer, Y Daydou, F Heuripeau, C Rosemberg, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 118 (8), 1632-1655, 2013
Geological mapping strategy using visible near‐infrared–shortwave infrared hyperspectral remote sensing: Application to the Oman ophiolite (Sumail Massif)
R Roy, P Launeau, V Carrere, P Pinet, G Ceuleneer, H Clenet, Y Daydou, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 10 (2), 2009
Deep alteration between Hellas and Isidis basins
B Bultel, C Quantin-Nataf, M Andréani, H Clénet, L Lozac’h
Icarus 260, 141-160, 2015
Surface-compositional properties of the Malea Planum region of the Circum-Hellas Volcanic Province, Mars
DA Williams, R Greeley, L Manfredi, RL Fergason, JP Combe, F Poulet, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 294 (3-4), 451-465, 2010
Joint anomaly detection and spectral unmixing for planetary hyperspectral images
S Nakhostin, H Clenet, T Corpetti, N Courty
IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing 54 (12), 6879-6894, 2016
Mafic mineralogy variations across Syrtis Major shield and surroundings as inferred from visible-near-infrared spectroscopy by OMEGA/Mars Express
PC Pinet, F Heuripeau, H Clenet, S Chevrel, Y Daydou, D Baratoux, ...
Seventh International Mars Conference, Pasadena, CA, Abstract 3146, 2007
Mantle rock surface mineralogy mapping in arid environment from imaging spectroscopy: The case of the Maqsad peridotitic massif in Oman and implications for the spectroscopic …
PC Pinet, H Clenet, C Rosemberg, G Ceuleneer, F Heuripeau, E Harris, ...
Proc. Lunar Planet. Sci. Conf. 37th, 2006
Understanding vine hyperspectral signature through different irrigation plans: A first step to monitor vineyard water status
E Laroche-Pinel, M Albughdadi, S Duthoit, V Chéret, J Rousseau, ...
Remote Sensing 13 (3), 536, 2021
Télédétection hyperspectrale: minéralogie et pétrologie, application au volcan Syrtis Major (Mars) et à l'ophiolite d'Oman
H Clenet
Toulouse 3, 2009
Towards vine water status monitoring on a large scale using sentinel-2 images
E Laroche-Pinel, S Duthoit, M Albughdadi, AD Costard, J Rousseau, ...
Remote Sensing 13 (9), 1837, 2021
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