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Observation of quantum-Hall effect in gated epitaxial graphene grown on SiC (0001)
T Shen, JJ Gu, M Xu, YQ Wu, ML Bolen, MA Capano, LW Engel, PD Ye
Applied Physics Letters 95 (17), 172105, 2009
First experimental demonstration of gate-all-around III–V MOSFETs by top-down approach
JJ Gu, YQ Liu, YQ Wu, R Colby, RG Gordon, PD Ye
2011 International Electron Devices Meeting, 33.2. 1-33.2. 4, 2011
Nanoribbon Transistors: Transition From Depletion Mode to Enhancement Mode by Channel-Width Trimming
H Liu, J Gu, DY Peide
IEEE electron device letters 33 (9), 1273-1275, 2012
20–80nm Channel length InGaAs gate-all-around nanowire MOSFETs with EOT= 1.2 nm and lowest SS= 63mV/dec
JJ Gu, XW Wang, H Wu, J Shao, AT Neal, MJ Manfra, RG Gordon, PD Ye
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 27.6. 1-27.6. 4, 2012
First experimental demonstration of 100 nm inversion-mode InGaAs FinFET through damage-free sidewall etching
YQ Wu, RS Wang, T Shen, JJ Gu, PD Ye
2009 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM), 1-4, 2009
Magneto-transport in MoS2: Phase Coherence, Spin–Orbit Scattering, and the Hall Factor
AT Neal, H Liu, J Gu, PD Ye
Acs Nano 7 (8), 7077-7082, 2013
Effects of (NH4)2S passivation on the off-state performance of 3-dimensional InGaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors
JJ Gu, AT Neal, PD Ye
Applied Physics Letters 99 (15), 152113, 2011
Direct observation of self-heating in III–V gate-all-around nanowire MOSFETs
SH Shin, MA Wahab, M Masuduzzaman, K Maize, J Gu, M Si, A Shakouri, ...
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 62 (11), 3516-3523, 2015
III-V gate-all-around nanowire MOSFET process technology: From 3D to 4D
JJ Gu, XW Wang, J Shao, AT Neal, MJ Manfra, RG Gordon, PD Ye
2012 International Electron Devices Meeting, 23.7. 1-23.7. 4, 2012
Size-dependent Transport Study of In0. 53Ga0. 47As Gate-all-around Nanowire MOSFETs: Impact of Quantum Confinement and Volume Inversion
JJ Gu, H Wu, Y Liu, AT Neal, RG Gordon, PD Ye
Arxiv preprint arXiv:1204.1665, 2012
High performance atomic-layer-deposited -on-insulator p-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor with thermally grown as …
JJ Gu, YQ Liu, M Xu, GK Celler, RG Gordon, PD Ye
Applied Physics Letters 97 (1), 012106, 2010
GaSb metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors with atomic-layer-deposited HfAlO as gate dielectric
C Wang, M Xu, J Gu, DW Zhang, DY Peide
Electrochemical and Solid State Letters 15 (3), H51, 2011
Rapid degradation of colloidal quantum dots exposed to gamma irradiation
NJ Withers, K Sankar, BA Akins, TA Memon, T Gu, J Gu, GA Smolyakov, ...
Applied Physics Letters 93 (17), 173101, 2008
Metal contacts to MoS2: A two-dimensional semiconductor
AT Neal, H Liu, JJ Gu, PD Ye
70th Device Research Conference, 65-66, 2012
III-V-on-nothing metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors enabled by top-down nanowire release process: Experiment and simulation
JJ Gu, O Koybasi, YQ Wu, PD Ye
Applied Physics Letters 99 (11), 112113, 2011
Effects of gate-last and gate-first process on deep submicron inversion-mode InGaAs n-channel metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors
JJ Gu, YQ Wu, PD Ye
Journal of applied physics 109 (5), 053709, 2011
Effects of forming gas anneal on ultrathin InGaAs nanowire metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors
M Si, JJ Gu, X Wang, J Shao, X Li, MJ Manfra, RG Gordon, PD Ye
Applied Physics Letters 102 (9), 093505, 2013
Low-frequency noise and random telegraph noise on near-ballistic III-V MOSFETs
M Si, NJ Conrad, S Shin, J Gu, J Zhang, MA Alam, DY Peide
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 62 (11), 3508-3515, 2015
Germanium nMOSFETs with recessed channel and S/D: Contact, scalability, interface, and drain current exceeding 1 A/mm
H Wu, M Si, L Dong, J Gu, J Zhang, DY Peide
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 62 (5), 1419-1426, 2015
Impact of nanowire variability on performance and reliability of gate-all-around III-V MOSFETs
SH Shin, M Masuduzzaman, JJ Gu, MA Wahab, N Conrad, M Si, PD Ye, ...
2013 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 7.5. 1-7.5. 4, 2013
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