Bei Zeng
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Quantum information meets quantum matter
B Zeng, X Chen, DL Zhou, XG Wen
Springer, 2019
Measuring out-of-time-order correlators on a nuclear magnetic resonance quantum simulator
J Li, R Fan, H Wang, B Ye, B Zeng, H Zhai, X Peng, J Du
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Remote-state preparation in higher dimension and the parallelizable manifold s^{n-1}
B Zeng, P Zhang
Physical Review A 65 (2), 022316, 2002
Entanglement in a two-identical-particle system
YS Li, B Zeng, XS Liu, GL Long
Physical Review A 64 (5), 054302, 2001
Quantum computation based on d-level cluster state
DL Zhou, B Zeng, Z Xu, CP Sun
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Codeword stabilized quantum codes
A Cross, G Smith, JA Smolin, B Zeng
Information Theory, 2008. ISIT 2008. IEEE International Symposium on, 364-368, 2008
16-qubit IBM universal quantum computer can be fully entangled
Y Wang, Y Li, Z Yin, B Zeng
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Transversality versus universality for additive quantum codes
B Zeng, A Cross, IL Chuang
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Gapped two-body Hamiltonian whose unique ground state is universal for one-way quantum computation
X Chen, B Zeng, ZC Gu, B Yoshida, IL Chuang
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Separability-entanglement classifier via machine learning
S Lu, S Huang, K Li, J Li, J Chen, D Lu, Z Ji, Y Shen, D Zhou, B Zeng
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Gapped quantum liquids and topological order, stochastic local transformations and emergence of unitarity
B Zeng, XG Wen
Physical Review B 91 (12), 125121, 2015
Uniqueness of quantum states compatible with given measurement results
J Chen, H Dawkins, Z Ji, N Johnston, D Kribs, F Shultz, B Zeng
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Optical one-way quantum computing with a simulated valence-bond solid
R Kaltenbaek, J Lavoie, B Zeng, SD Bartlett, KJ Resch
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High-dimensional multi-particle cat-like state teleportation
Z Bei, L Xiao-Shu, L Yan-Song, L Gui-Lu
Communications in Theoretical Physics 38 (5), 537, 2002
Enhancing quantum control by bootstrapping a quantum processor of 12 qubits
D Lu, K Li, J Li, H Katiyar, AJ Park, G Feng, T Xin, H Li, G Long, ...
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Quantum state tomography via reduced density matrices
T Xin, D Lu, J Klassen, N Yu, Z Ji, J Chen, X Ma, G Long, B Zeng, ...
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Local-measurement-based quantum state tomography via neural networks
T Xin, S Lu, N Cao, G Anikeeva, D Lu, J Li, G Long, B Zeng
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Tensor product representation of a topological ordered phase: Necessary symmetry conditions
X Chen, B Zeng, ZC Gu, IL Chuang, XG Wen
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Multiparty correlation measure based on the cumulant
DL Zhou, B Zeng, Z Xu, L You
Physical Review A 74 (5), 052110, 2006
Quantum simulation of the non-fermi-liquid state of Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev model
Z Luo, YZ You, J Li, CM Jian, D Lu, C Xu, B Zeng, R Laflamme
npj Quantum Information 5 (1), 7, 2019
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