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Robert R. Klein
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Sorghum stay-green QTL individually reduce post-flowering drought-induced leaf senescence
K Harris, PK Subudhi, A Borrell, D Jordan, D Rosenow, H Nguyen, P Klein, ...
Journal of experimental botany 58 (2), 327-338, 2007
A high-density genetic map of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench based on 2926 AFLP®, RFLP and SSR markers
MA Menz, RR Klein, JE Mullet, JA Obert, NC Unruh, PE Klein
Plant molecular biology 48, 483-499, 2002
Coincident light and clock regulation of pseudoresponse regulator protein 37 (PRR37) controls photoperiodic flowering in sorghum
RL Murphy, RR Klein, DT Morishige, JA Brady, WL Rooney, FR Miller, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (39), 16469-16474, 2011
Sorghum bicolor’s Transcriptome Response to Dehydration, High Salinity and ABA
CD Buchanan, S Lim, RA Salzman, I Kagiampakis, DT Morishige, ...
Plant molecular biology 58, 699-720, 2005
Transcription and RNA stability are important determinants of higher plant chloroplast RNA levels
JE Mullet, RR Klein
The EMBO Journal 6 (6), 1571-1579, 1987
A high-throughput AFLP-based method for constructing integrated genetic and physical maps: progress toward a sorghum genome map
PE Klein, RR Klein, SW Cartinhour, PE Ulanch, J Dong, JA Obert, ...
Genome Research 10 (6), 789-807, 2000
Genetic diversity of public inbreds of sorghum determined by mapped AFLP and SSR markers
MA Menz, RR Klein, NC Unruh, WL Rooney, PE Klein, JE Mullet
Crop Science 44 (4), 1236-1244, 2004
Light-regulated translation of chloroplast proteins. I. Transcripts of psaA-psaB, psbA, and rbcL are associated with polysomes in dark-grown and illuminated barley seedlings
RR Klein, HS Mason, JE Mullet
The Journal of cell biology 106 (2), 289-301, 1988
Functional annotation of the transcriptome of Sorghum bicolor in response to osmotic stress and abscisic acid
DV Dugas, MK Monaco, A Olson, RR Klein, S Kumari, D Ware, PE Klein
BMC genomics 12, 1-21, 2011
Chlorophyll regulates accumulation of the plastid-encoded chlorophyll apoproteins CP43 and D1 by increasing apoprotein stability.
JE Mullet, PG Klein, RR Klein
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 87 (11), 4038-4042, 1990
A consensus genetic map of sorghum that integrates multiple component maps and high-throughput Diversity Array Technology (DArT) markers
ES Mace, JF Rami, S Bouchet, PE Klein, RR Klein, A Kilian, P Wenzl, ...
BMC plant biology 9, 1-14, 2009
Fertility restorer locus Rf1 of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L.) encodes a pentatricopeptide repeat protein not present in the colinear region of rice chromosome 12
RR Klein, PE Klein, JE Mullet, P Minx, WL Rooney, KF Schertz
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 111, 994-1012, 2005
Transcriptional profiling of sorghum induced by methyl jasmonate, salicylic acid, and aminocyclopropane carboxylic acid reveals cooperative regulation and novel gene responses
RA Salzman, JA Brady, SA Finlayson, CD Buchanan, EJ Summer, F Sun, ...
Plant Physiology 138 (1), 352-368, 2005
Mutational analysis of the tobacco vein mottling virus genome
PG Klein, RR Klein, E Rodriguez-Cerezo, AG Hunt, JG Shaw
Virology 204 (2), 759-769, 1994
Control of gene expression during higher plant chloroplast biogenesis. Protein synthesis and transcript levels of psbA, psaA-psaB, and rbcL in dark-grown and illuminated barley …
RR Klein, JE Mullet
Journal of Biological Chemistry 262 (9), 4341-4348, 1987
Regulation of chloroplast-encoded chlorophyll-binding protein translation during higher plant chloroplast biogenesis.
RR Klein, JE Mullet
Journal of Biological Chemistry 261 (24), 11138-11145, 1986
Chromosome Identification and Nomenclature of Sorghum bicolor
JS Kim, PE Klein, RR Klein, HJ Price, JE Mullet, DM Stelly
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Light-induced transcription of chloroplast genes. psbA transcription is differentially enhanced in illuminated barley.
RR Klein, JE Mullet
Journal of Biological Chemistry 265 (4), 1895-1902, 1990
Accumulation of heat shock proteins in field-grown cotton
JJ Burke, JL Hatfield, RR Klein, JE Mullet
Plant physiology 78 (2), 394-398, 1985
Identification of genomic regions that affect grain-mould incidence and other traits of agronomic importance in sorghum
RR Klein, R Rodriguez-Herrera, JA Schlueter, PE Klein, ZH Yu, ...
Theoretical and Applied Genetics 102, 307-319, 2001
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