Khim Karki
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Anisotropic swelling and fracture of silicon nanowires during lithiation
X Liu, H Zheng, L Zhong, S Huang, K Karki, LQ Zhang, Y Liu, A Kushima, ...
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Intergranular cracking as a major cause of long-term capacity fading of layered cathodes
H Liu, M Wolf, K Karki, YS Yu, EA Stach, J Cabana, KW Chapman, ...
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Lithium-assisted electrochemical welding in silicon nanowire battery electrodes
K Karki, E Epstein, JH Cho, ST Picraux, C Wang, J Cumings
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D Ruzmetov, VP Oleshko, PM Haney, HJ Lezec, K Karki, KH Baloch, ...
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A Beaded-String Silicon Anode [*equal contribution]
CF Sun *, K Karki *, Z Jia *, H Liao, Y Zhang, T Li, Y Qi, J Cumings, ...
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Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Structural Evolution of ε-LiVOPO4 over Multiple Lithium Intercalation
YC Lin, B Wen, KM Wiaderek, S Sallis, H Liu, SH Lapidus, OJ Borkiewicz, ...
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Hoop-strong nanotubes for battery electrodes
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The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2017
Tuning the Activity of Oxygen in LiNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 Battery Electrodes
K Karki, Y Huang, S Hwang, AD Gamalski, MS Whittingham, G Zhou, ...
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Lithium-ion batteries and beyond: celebrating the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry–A virtual issue
PV Kamat
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H Liao, K Karki, Y Zhang, J Cumings, YH Wang
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Revisiting Conversion Reaction Mechanisms in Lithium Batteries: Lithiation-Driven Topotactic Transformation in FeF2
K Karki, L Wu, Y Ma, MJ Armstrong, JD Holmes, SH Garofalini, Y Zhu, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (51), 17915-17922, 2018
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The Anode Challenge for Lithium‐Ion Batteries: A Mechanochemically Synthesized Sn–Fe–C Composite Anode Surpasses Graphitic Carbon
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K Karki, T Mefford, DH Alsem, N Salmon, WC Chueh
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In Situ and Ex Situ Diagnosis of Nanoscale Electrochemical Processes Using Miniature All-Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries
VP Oleshko, D Ruzmetov, PM Haney, HJ Lezec, AK Agrawal, AV Davydov, ...
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In-Situ TEM Electrochemical Processes in Conversion-Based Li-Ion Battery Electrodes
K Karki, GG Amatucci, MS Whittingham, F Wang
Microscopy and Microanalysis 20 (S3), 512-513, 2014
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