François H. LALLIER
François H. LALLIER
Professor of Biology, UPMC-Paris 6, Station Biologique de Roscoff
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Biology and ecology of the “Pompeii worm”(Alvinella pompejana Desbruyeres and Laubier), a normal dweller of an extreme deep-sea environment: a synthesis of current knowledge …
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Comparative phylogeography among hydrothermal vent species along the East Pacific Rise reveals vicariant processes and population expansion in the South
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Quaternary Structure of the Extracellular Haemoglobin of the Lugworm Arenicola marina A Multi‐Angle‐Laser‐Light‐Scattering and Electrospray‐Ionisation–Mass …
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Molecular biology and evolution 19 (9), 1421-1433, 2002
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