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Practical free-space quantum key distribution over 1 km
WT Buttler, RJ Hughes, PG Kwiat, SK Lamoreaux, GG Luther, GL Morgan, ...
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Daylight quantum key distribution over 1.6 km
WT Buttler, RJ Hughes, SK Lamoreaux, GL Morgan, JE Nordholt, ...
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Fast, efficient error reconciliation for quantum cryptography
WT Buttler, SK Lamoreaux, JR Torgerson, GH Nickel, CH Donahue, ...
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Free-space quantum-key distribution
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Method and apparatus for free-space quantum key distribution in daylight
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Y Chen, H Hu, T Tang, G Ren, Q Li, R Wang, WT Buttler
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SK Monfared, DM Oró, M Grover, JE Hammerberg, BM LaLone, CL Pack, ...
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WT Buttler, MB Zellner, RT Olson, PA Rigg, RS Hixson, JE Hammerberg, ...
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Free-space quantum key distribution in daylight
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MB Zellner, WT Buttler
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Second shock ejecta measurements with an explosively driven two-shockwave drive
WT Buttler, DM Oró, RT Olson, FJ Cherne, JE Hammerberg, RS Hixson, ...
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Circulatory patterns of air pollutants within the Barcelona air basin in a summertime situation: lidar and numerical approaches
C Soriano, JM Baldasano, WT Buttler, KR Moore
Boundary-Layer Meteorology 98 (1), 33-55, 2001
Ejected particle size measurement using Mie scattering in high explosive driven shockwave experiments
SK Monfared, WT Buttler, DK Frayer, M Grover, BM LaLone, GD Stevens, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (22), 223105, 2015
Secure communications with low-orbit spacecraft using quantum cryptography
RJ Hughes, WT Buttler, PG Kwiat, GG Luther, GL Morgan, JE Nordholt, ...
US Patent 5,966,224, 1999
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