Trevor D. Lohrey
Trevor D. Lohrey
Postdoctoral Scholar in Chemistry, Caltech
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Solution thermodynamics and kinetics of metal complexation with a hydroxypyridinone chelator designed for thorium-227 targeted alpha therapy
GJP Deblonde, TD Lohrey, CH Booth, KP Carter, BF Parker, Å Larsen, ...
Inorganic chemistry 57 (22), 14337-14346, 2018
Chemical structure and bonding in a thorium (III)–aluminum heterobimetallic complex
AB Altman, AC Brown, G Rao, TD Lohrey, RD Britt, L Maron, SG Minasian, ...
Chemical science 9 (18), 4317-4324, 2018
A homoleptic uranium (III) tris (aryl) complex
MA Boreen, BF Parker, TD Lohrey, J Arnold
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (49), 15865-15868, 2016
Heterotetrametallic Re–Zn–Zn–Re Complex Generated by an Anionic Rhenium (I) β-Diketiminate
TD Lohrey, L Maron, RG Bergman, J Arnold
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (2), 800-804, 2018
Oxygen Atom Transfer and Intramolecular Nitrene Transfer in a Rhenium β-Diketiminate Complex
TD Lohrey, RG Bergman, J Arnold
Inorganic chemistry 55 (22), 11993-12000, 2016
Toxic heavy metal–Pb, Cd, Sn–complexation by the octadentate hydroxypyridinonate ligand archetype 3, 4, 3-LI (1, 2-HOPO)
GJP Deblonde, TD Lohrey, DD An, RJ Abergel
New Journal of Chemistry 42 (10), 7649-7658, 2018
Hydride oxidation from a titanium–aluminum bimetallic complex: insertion, thermal and electrochemical reactivity
AC Brown, AB Altman, TD Lohrey, S Hohloch, J Arnold
Chemical science 8 (7), 5153-5160, 2017
Chemical Vapor Deposition of Phase‐Pure Uranium Dioxide Thin Films from Uranium (IV) Amidate Precursors
MD Straub, J Leduc, M Frank, A Raauf, TD Lohrey, SG Minasian, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (17), 5749-5753, 2019
Complexation-assisted reduction: complexes of glutaroimide-dioxime with tetravalent actinides (Np (IV) and Th (IV))
Z Zhang, BF Parker, TD Lohrey, SJ Teat, J Arnold, L Rao
Dalton Transactions 47 (24), 8134-8141, 2018
Structural, Electrochemical, and Magnetic Studies of Bulky Uranium (III) and Uranium (IV) Metallocenes
MA Boreen, DJ Lussier, BA Skeel, TD Lohrey, FA Watt, DK Shuh, JR Long, ...
Inorganic chemistry 58 (24), 16629-16641, 2019
H2 Activation and Direct Access to Terminal Nitride and cyclo-P3 Complexes by an Acceptor-Free Rhenium(II) β-Diketiminate
TD Lohrey, G Rao, RD Britt, RG Bergman, J Arnold
Inorganic chemistry 58 (19), 13492-13501, 2019
A Uranium Tri-Rhenium Triple Inverse Sandwich Compound
MA Boreen, TD Lohrey, G Rao, RD Britt, L Maron, J Arnold
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (13), 5144-5148, 2019
Olefin‐Supported Rhenium (III) Terminal Oxo Complexes Generated by Nucleophilic Addition to a Cyclopentadienyl Ligand
TD Lohrey, RG Bergman, J Arnold
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (45), 14241-14245, 2017
Rational Design of a Uranyl Metal–Organic Framework for the Capture and Colorimetric Detection of Organic Dyes
RG Surbella, KP Carter, TD Lohrey, D Reilly, M Kalaj, BK McNamara, ...
Chemistry-A European Journal 26 (61), 13819-13825, 2020
Inducing selectivity and chirality in group IV metal coordination with high-denticity hydroxypyridinones
GJP Deblonde, TD Lohrey, RJ Abergel
Dalton Transactions 48 (23), 8238-8247, 2019
Hydroboration Reactivity of Niobium Bis (N-heterocyclic carbene) borate Complexes
JA Ziegler, C Prange, TD Lohrey, RG Bergman, J Arnold
Inorganic chemistry 57 (9), 5213-5224, 2018
Control of clustering behavior in anionic cerium (iii) corrole complexes: from oligomers to monomers
KC Armstrong, S Hohloch, TD Lohrey, RA Zarkesh, J Arnold, MR Anstey
Dalton Transactions 45 (46), 18653-18660, 2016
Uranium Metallocene Azides, Isocyanates, and Their Borane-Capped Lewis Adducts
MA Boreen, KN McCabe, TD Lohrey, FA Watt, L Maron, S Hohloch, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 59 (12), 8580-8588, 2020
Developing scandium and yttrium coordination chemistry to advance theranostic radiopharmaceuticals
KP Carter, GJP Deblonde, TD Lohrey, TA Bailey, DD An, KM Shield, ...
Communications Chemistry 3 (1), 1-7, 2020
Structural properties of ultra-small thorium and uranium dioxide nanoparticles embedded in a covalent organic framework
LM Moreau, A Herve, MD Straub, DR Russo, RJ Abergel, S Alayoglu, ...
Chemical science 11 (18), 4648-4668, 2020
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