Reinaldo Oliveira Vianna
Reinaldo Oliveira Vianna
Associate Professor, Physics Department, UFMG
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Quantum correlations and coherence in spin-1 Heisenberg chains
AL Malvezzi, G Karpat, B Çakmak, FF Fanchini, T Debarba, RO Vianna
Physical Review B 93 (18), 184428, 2016
Witnessed entanglement and the geometric measure of quantum discord
T Debarba, TO Maciel, RO Vianna
Physical Review A 86 (2), 024302, 2012
Separable multipartite mixed states-operational asymptotically necessary and sufficient conditions
FGSL Brandao, RO Vianna
arXiv preprint quant-ph/0405063, 2004
Witnessed entanglement
FGSL Brandao, RO Vianna
International Journal of Quantum Information 4 (02), 331-340, 2006
Entanglement of indistinguishable particles as a probe for quantum phase transitions in the extended Hubbard model
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Robust semidefinite programming approach to the separability problem
FGSL Brandao, RO Vianna
Physical Review A 70 (6), 062309, 2004
Minimum tomography of two entangled qutrits using local measurements of one-qutrit symmetric informationally complete positive operator-valued measure
WM Pimenta, B Marques, TO Maciel, RO Vianna, A Delgado, C Saavedra, ...
Physical Review A 88 (1), 012112, 2013
Quantum state tomography with incomplete data: Maximum entropy and variational quantum tomography
DS Gonçalves, C Lavor, MA Gomes-Ruggiero, AT Cesário, RO Vianna, ...
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Computable measures for the entanglement of indistinguishable particles
F Iemini, RO Vianna
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Distillability of Werner states using entanglement witnesses and robust semidefinite programs
RO Vianna, AC Doherty
Physical Review A 74 (5), 052306, 2006
Variational quantum tomography with incomplete information by means of semidefinite programs
TO Maciel, AT Cesário, RO Vianna
International Journal of Modern Physics C 22 (12), 1361-1372, 2011
Fast entanglement detection for unknown states of two spatial qutrits
G Lima, ES Gómez, A Vargas, RO Vianna, C Saavedra
Physical Review A 82, 012302, 2010
Pauling’s resonating valence bond theory of metals: some studies on lithium clusters
JR Mohallem, RO Vianna, AD Quintão, AC Pavão, R McWeeny
Zeitschrift Für Physik D Atoms, Molecules and Clusters 42, 135-143, 1997
Quantumness of correlations in indistinguishable particles
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Quantum correlations, entanglement spectrum, and coherence of the two-particle reduced density matrix in the extended Hubbard model
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Physical Review B 105 (11), 115145, 2022
Experimental implementation of a NMR entanglement witness
JG Filgueiras, TO Maciel, RE Auccaise, RO Vianna, RS Sarthour, ...
Quantum Information Processing 11, 1883-1893, 2012
Quantifying quantum correlations in fermionic systems using witness operators
F Iemini, TO Maciel, T Debarba, RO Vianna
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Quantum state of a free spin-½ particle and the inextricable dependence of spin and momentum under lorentz transformations
T Debarba, RO Vianna
International Journal of Quantum Information 10 (04), 1230003, 2012
Viable entanglement detection of unknown mixed states in low dimensions
TO Maciel, RO Vianna
Physical Review A 80 (3), 032325, 2009
Reliable Hellmann–Feynman forces for nuclei‐centered GTO basis of standard size
RO Vianna, R Custódio, H Chacham, JR Mohallem
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 44 (S26), 311-318, 1992
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