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1,135 genomes reveal the global pattern of polymorphism in Arabidopsis thaliana
C Alonso-Blanco, J Andrade, C Becker, F Bemm, J Bergelson, ...
Cell 166 (2), 481-491, 2016
Epigenomic diversity in a global collection of Arabidopsis thaliana accessions
T Kawakatsu, SC Huang, F Jupe, E Sasaki, RJ Schmitz, MA Urich, ...
Cell 166 (2), 492-505, 2016
Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals the role of the AMPK plant ortholog SnRK1 as a metabolic master regulator under energy deprivation
E Nukarinen, T Nägele, L Pedrotti, B Wurzinger, A Mair, R Landgraf, ...
Scientific reports 6, 31697, 2016
SnRK1-triggered switch of bZIP63 dimerization mediates the low-energy response in plants
A Mair, L Pedrotti, B Wurzinger, D Anrather, A Simeunovic, C Weiste, ...
Elife 4, e05828, 2015
Mathematical modeling of the central carbohydrate metabolism in Arabidopsis reveals a substantial regulatory influence of vacuolar invertase on whole plant carbon metabolism
T Nägele, S Henkel, I Hörmiller, T Sauter, O Sawodny, M Ederer, ...
Plant physiology 153 (1), 260-272, 2010
Granger causality in integrated GC–MS and LC–MS metabolomics data reveals the interface of primary and secondary metabolism
H Doerfler, D Lyon, T Nägele, X Sun, L Fragner, F Hadacek, V Egelhofer, ...
Metabolomics 9 (3), 564-574, 2013
Approximating subcellular organisation of carbohydrate metabolism during cold acclimation in different natural accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana
T Nägele, AG Heyer
New phytologist 198 (3), 777-787, 2013
The low energy signaling network
F Tomé, T Nägele, M Adamo, A Garg, C Marco-llorca, E Nukarinen, ...
Frontiers in plant science 5, 353, 2014
Subcellular reprogramming of metabolism during cold acclimation in Arabidopsis thaliana
II Hoermiller, T Naegele, H Augustin, S Stutz, W Weckwerth, AG Heyer
Plant, cell & environment 40 (5), 602-610, 2017
Identification of a metabolic bottleneck for cold acclimation in Arabidopsis thaliana
T Nägele, S Stutz, II Hörmiller, AG Heyer
The Plant Journal 72 (1), 102-114, 2012
The SnRK1 kinase as central mediator of energy signaling between different organelles
B Wurzinger, E Nukarinen, T Nägele, W Weckwerth, M Teige
Plant Physiology 176 (2), 1085-1094, 2018
System level analysis of cacao seed ripening reveals a sequential interplay of primary and secondary metabolism leading to polyphenol accumulation and preparation of stress …
L Wang, T Nägele, H Doerfler, L Fragner, P Chaturvedi, E Nukarinen, ...
The Plant Journal 87 (3), 318-332, 2016
Responses of antioxidant enzymes to cold and high light are not correlated to freezing tolerance in natural accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana
H Distelbarth, T Nägele, AG Heyer
Plant Biology 15 (6), 982-990, 2013
Snf1-RELATED KINASE1-controlled C/S1-bZIP signaling activates alternative mitochondrial metabolic pathways to ensure plant survival in extended darkness
L Pedrotti, C Weiste, T Nägele, E Wolf, F Lorenzin, K Dietrich, A Mair, ...
The Plant Cell 30 (2), 495-509, 2018
A systems biology approach for the analysis of carbohydrate dynamics during acclimation to low temperature in Arabidopsis thaliana
T Nägele, BA Kandel, S Frana, M Meißner, AG Heyer
The FEBS Journal 278 (3), 506-518, 2011
A benchtop fractionation procedure for subcellular analysis of the plant metabolome
L Fürtauer, W Weckwerth, T Nägele
Frontiers in plant science 7, 1912, 2016
Solving the differential biochemical Jacobian from metabolomics covariance data
T Nägele, A Mair, X Sun, L Fragner, M Teige, W Weckwerth
PLoS One 9 (4), e92299, 2014
Exaggerated root respiration accounts for growth retardation in a starchless mutant of Arabidopsis thaliana
K Brauner, I Hörmiller, T Nägele, AG Heyer
The Plant Journal 79 (1), 82-91, 2014
Mathematical modeling reveals that metabolic feedback regulation of SnRK1 and hexokinase is sufficient to control sugar homeostasis from energy depletion to full recovery
T Nägele, W Weckwerth
Frontiers in plant science 5, 365, 2014
Integrative molecular profiling indicates a central role of transitory starch breakdown in establishing a stable C/N homeostasis during cold acclimation in two natural …
M Nagler, E Nukarinen, W Weckwerth, T Nägele
BMC plant biology 15 (1), 284, 2015
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