Andrea Ghirardo
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Determination of de novo and pool emissions of terpenes from four common boreal/alpine trees by 13CO2 labelling and PTR‐MS analysis
A Ghirardo, K Koch, R Taipale, INA Zimmer, JP SCHNITZLER, J Rinne
Plant, cell & environment 33 (5), 781-792, 2010
Monoterpenes support systemic acquired resistance within and between plants
M Riedlmeier, A Ghirardo, M Wenig, C Knappe, K Koch, E Georgii, S Dey, ...
The Plant Cell 29 (6), 1440-1459, 2017
Deoxyxylulose 5-phosphate synthase controls flux through the methylerythritol 4-phosphate pathway in Arabidopsis
LP Wright, JM Rohwer, A Ghirardo, A Hammerbacher, M Ortiz-Alcaide, ...
Plant Physiology 165 (4), 1488-1504, 2014
Metabolic flux analysis of plastidic isoprenoid biosynthesis in poplar leaves emitting and nonemitting isoprene
A Ghirardo, LP Wright, Z Bi, M Rosenkranz, P Pulido, ...
Plant Physiology 165 (1), 37-51, 2014
Function of defensive volatiles in pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) is tricked by the moth Tortrix viridana
A Ghirardo, W Heller, M Fladung, JP SCHNITZLER, H Schroeder
Plant, cell & environment 35 (12), 2192-2207, 2012
Plants for sustainable improvement of indoor air quality
F Brilli, S Fares, A Ghirardo, P de Visser, V Calatayud, A Muñoz, ...
Trends in plant science 23 (6), 507-512, 2018
The Venus flytrap attracts insects by the release of volatile organic compounds
J Kreuzwieser, U Scheerer, J Kruse, T Burzlaff, A Honsel, S Alfarraj, ...
Journal of experimental botany 65 (2), 755-766, 2014
Urban stress-induced biogenic VOC emissions and SOA-forming potentials in Beijing
A Ghirardo, J Xie, X Zheng, Y Wang, R Grote, K Block, J Wildt, T Mentel, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 16 (5), 2901-2920, 2016
UV‐B mediated metabolic rearrangements in poplar revealed by non‐targeted metabolomics
M Kaling, B Kanawati, A Ghirardo, A Albert, JB Winkler, W Heller, C Barta, ...
Plant, cell & environment 38 (5), 892-904, 2015
Biogenic Volatile Organic Compound and Respiratory CO2 Emissions after 13C-Labeling: Online Tracing of C Translocation Dynamics in Poplar Plants
A Ghirardo, J Gutknecht, I Zimmer, N Brüggemann, JP Schnitzler
PLoS One 6 (2), e17393, 2011
Genetic manipulation of isoprene emissions in poplar plants remodels the chloroplast proteome
V Velikova, A Ghirardo, E Vanzo, J Merl, SM Hauck, JP Schnitzler
Journal of Proteome Research 13 (4), 2005-2018, 2014
Sesquiterpene emissions from Alternaria alternata and Fusarium oxysporum: Effects of age, nutrient availability and co-cultivation
F Weikl, A Ghirardo, JP Schnitzler, K Pritsch
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-12, 2016
Effects of heat and drought stress on post‐illumination bursts of volatile organic compounds in isoprene‐emitting and non‐emitting poplar
W Jud, E Vanzo, Z Li, A Ghirardo, I Zimmer, TD Sharkey, A Hansel, ...
Plant, cell & environment 39 (6), 1204-1215, 2016
Systemic acquired resistance networks amplify airborne defense cues
M Wenig, A Ghirardo, JH Sales, ES Pabst, HH Breitenbach, F Antritter, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-14, 2019
Isoprene function in two contrasting poplars under salt and sunflecks
K Behnke, A Ghirardo, D Janz, B Kanawati, J Esperschütz, I Zimmer, ...
Tree Physiology 33 (6), 562-578, 2013
S-nitroso-proteome in poplar leaves in response to acute ozone stress
E Vanzo, A Ghirardo, J Merl-Pham, C Lindermayr, W Heller, SM Hauck, ...
PloS one 9 (9), e106886, 2014
Increasing atmospheric CO2 reduces metabolic and physiological differences between isoprene‐ and non‐isoprene‐emitting poplars
DA Way, A Ghirardo, B Kanawati, J Esperschütz, RK Monson, RB Jackson, ...
New Phytologist 200 (2), 534-546, 2013
Knocking down of isoprene emission modifies the lipid matrix of thylakoid membranes and influences the chloroplast ultrastructure in poplar
V Velikova, C Müller, A Ghirardo, TM Rock, M Aichler, A Walch, ...
Plant Physiology 168 (3), 859-870, 2015
Trichoderma species differ in their volatile profiles and in antagonism toward ectomycorrhiza Laccaria bicolor
Y Guo, A Ghirardo, B Weber, JP Schnitzler, JP Benz, M Rosenkranz
Frontiers in microbiology 10, 891, 2019
Integrated transcriptomics and metabolomics decipher differences in the resistance of pedunculate oak to the herbivore Tortrix viridanaL.
B Kersten, A Ghirardo, JP Schnitzler, B Kanawati, P Schmitt-Kopplin, ...
BMC genomics 14 (1), 737, 2013
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