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Ultrafast optical switching to a metallic state by photoinduced Mott transition in a halogen-bridged nickel-chain compound
S Iwai, M Ono, A Maeda, H Matsuzaki, H Kishida, H Okamoto, Y Tokura
Physical review letters 91 (5), 057401, 2003
Gigantic optical nonlinearity in one-dimensional Mott–Hubbard insulators
H Kishida, H Matsuzaki, H Okamoto, T Manabe, M Yamashita, Y Taguchi, ...
Nature 405 (6789), 929-932, 2000
Bottom-up realization of a porous metal–organic nanotubular assembly
K Otsubo, Y Wakabayashi, J Ohara, S Yamamoto, H Matsuzaki, ...
Nature materials 10 (4), 291-295, 2011
Photoinduced metallic state mediated by spin-charge separation in a one-dimensional organic Mott insulator
H Okamoto, H Matsuzaki, T Wakabayashi, Y Takahashi, T Hasegawa
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Evidence and mechanism of efficient thermally activated delayed fluorescence promoted by delocalized excited states
T Hosokai, H Matsuzaki, H Nakanotani, K Tokumaru, T Tsutsui, A Furube, ...
Science advances 3 (5), e1603282, 2017
Resonance balance shift in stacks of delocalized singlet biradicals
A Shimizu, M Uruichi, K Yakushi, H Matsuzaki, H Okamoto, M Nakano, ...
Angewandte Chemie 121 (30), 5590-5594, 2009
Photosensitive function of encapsulated dye in carbon nanotubes
K Yanagi, K Iakoubovskii, H Matsui, H Matsuzaki, H Okamoto, Y Miyata, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (16), 4992-4997, 2007
Photoinduced phase transition in an organic radical crystal with room-temperature optical and magnetic bistability
H Matsuzaki, W Fujita, K Awaga, H Okamoto
Physical review letters 91 (1), 017403, 2003
Impact of diradical character on two-photon absorption: Bis (acridine) dimers synthesized from an allenic precursor
K Kamada, S Fuku-en, S Minamide, K Ohta, R Kishi, M Nakano, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (1), 232-241, 2013
Photoinduced transition from Mott insulator to metal in the undoped cuprates Nd 2 CuO 4 and La 2 CuO 4
H Okamoto, T Miyagoe, K Kobayashi, H Uemura, H Nishioka, H Matsuzaki, ...
Physical Review B 83 (12), 125102, 2011
Ultrafast photoinduced melting of a spin-Peierls phase in an organic charge-transfer compound, K-tetracyanoquinodimethane
H Okamoto, K Ikegami, T Wakabayashi, Y Ishige, J Togo, H Kishida, ...
Physical review letters 96 (3), 037405, 2006
Novel optical and magnetic bistability and photoinduced transition in a one-dimensional halogen-bridged binuclear Pt complex
H Matsuzaki, T Matsuoka, H Kishida, K Takizawa, H Miyasaka, K Sugiura, ...
Physical review letters 90 (4), 046401, 2003
Ultrafast charge dynamics in photoexcited Nd 2 CuO 4 and La 2 CuO 4 cuprate compounds investigated by femtosecond absorption spectroscopy
H Okamoto, T Miyagoe, K Kobayashi, H Uemura, H Nishioka, H Matsuzaki, ...
Physical Review B 82 (6), 060513, 2010
Room-temperature magnetic bistability in organic radical crystals: paramagnetic-diamagnetic phase transition in 1, 3, 5-trithia-2, 4, 6-triazapentalenyl
W Fujita, K Awaga, H Matsuzaki, H Okamoto
Physical Review B 65 (6), 064434, 2002
Molecular design rule of phthalocyanine dyes for highly efficient near-IR performance in dye-sensitized solar cells
M Kimura, H Nomoto, H Suzuki, T Ikeuchi, H Matsuzaki, TN Murakami, ...
Chemistry 19 (23), 7496-502, 2013
Dye aggregation effect on interfacial electron-transfer dynamics in zinc phthalocyanine-sensitized solar cells
H Matsuzaki, TN Murakami, N Masaki, A Furube, M Kimura, S Mori
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (31), 17205-17212, 2014
Charge-Density-Wave to Mott− Hubbard Phase Transition in Quasi-One-Dimensional Bromo-Bridged Pd Compounds
S Takaishi, M Takamura, T Kajiwara, H Miyasaka, M Yamashita, M Iwata, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (36), 12080-12084, 2008
Trapped State Sensitive Kinetics in LaTiO2N Solid Photocatalyst with and without Cocatalyst Loading
RB Singh, H Matsuzaki, Y Suzuki, K Seki, T Minegishi, T Hisatomi, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (49), 17324-17331, 2014
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of one-dimensional Mott insulators consisting of Ni-halogen chain and CuO-chain compounds
M Ono, K Miura, A Maeda, H Matsuzaki, H Kishida, Y Taguchi, Y Tokura, ...
Physical Review B 70 (8), 085101, 2004
Ultrafast Optical Switching by using Nanocrystals of a Halogen‐Bridged Nickel‐Chain Compound Dispersed in an Optical Polymer
S Tao, T Miyagoe, A Maeda, H Matsuzaki, H Ohtsu, M Hasegawa, ...
Advanced Materials 19 (18), 2707-2710, 2007
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