Yaniv Brandvain
Yaniv Brandvain
Associate Professor. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. Department of Plant & Microbial Biology
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The Capsella rubella genome and the genomic consequences of rapid mating system evolution
T Slotte, KM Hazzouri, JA Ågren, D Koenig, F Maumus, YL Guo, K Steige, ...
Nature genetics 45 (7), 831-835, 2013
Speciation and Introgression between Mimulus nasutus and Mimulus guttatus
Y Brandvain, AM Kenney, L Flagel, G Coop, AL Sweigart
PLoS Genetics 10 (6), e1004410, 2014
Not just a theory—the utility of mathematical models in evolutionary biology
MR Servedio, Y Brandvain, S Dhole, CL Fitzpatrick, EE Goldberg, ...
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Divergent mating systems and parental conflict as a barrier to hybridization in flowering plants
Y Brandvain, D Haig
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The role of gene flow in rapid and repeated evolution of cave‐related traits in Mexican tetra, Astyanax mexicanus
A Herman, Y Brandvain, J Weagley, WR Jeffery, AC Keene, TJY Kono, ...
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Geographic range size is predicted by plant mating system
D Grossenbacher, R Briscoe Runquist, EE Goldberg, Y Brandvain
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The genomic consequences of hybridization
BM Moran, C Payne, Q Langdon, DL Powell, Y Brandvain, M Schumer
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The limits of natural selection in a nonequilibrium world
Y Brandvain, SI Wright
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Self‐compatibility is over‐represented on islands
DL Grossenbacher, Y Brandvain, JR Auld, M Burd, PO Cheptou, ...
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Scrambling eggs: meiotic drive and the evolution of female recombination rates
Y Brandvain, G Coop
Genetics 190 (2), 709-723, 2012
Genomic Identification of Founding Haplotypes Reveals the History of the Selfing Species Capsella rubella
Y Brandvain, T Slotte, KM Hazzouri, SI Wright, G Coop
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Reversing mother's curse: selection on male mitochondrial fitness effects
MJ Wade, Y Brandvain
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Accelerating Silphium Domestication: An Opportunity to Develop New Crop Ideotypes and Breeding Strategies Informed by Multiple Disciplines
DL Van Tassel, KA Albrecht, JD Bever, AA Boe, Y Brandvain, TE Crews, ...
Crop Science 57 (3), 1274-1284, 2017
The functional transfer of genes from the mitochondria to the nucleus: the effects of selection, mutation, population size and rate of self-fertilization
Y Brandvain, MJ Wade
Genetics 182 (4), 1129-1139, 2009
On the Coyne and Orr-igin of species: effects of intrinsic postzygotic isolation, ecological differentiation, X chromosome size, and sympatry on Drosophila speciation
M Turelli, JR Lipkowitz, Y Brandvain
Evolution 68 (4), 1176-1187, 2014
Mating system variation in hybrid zones: facilitation, barriers and asymmetries to gene flow
M Pickup, Y Brandvain, C Fraïsse, S Yakimowski, NH Barton, T Dixit, ...
New Phytologist 224 (3), 1035-1047, 2019
The case for the continued use of the genus name Mimulus for all monkeyflowers
DB Lowry, JM Sobel, AL Angert, TL Ashman, RL Baker, BK Blackman, ...
Taxon 68 (4), 617-623, 2019
Determining epistatic selection in admixed populations
M Schumer, Y Brandvain
Molecular Ecology 25 (11), 2577-2591, 2016
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