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Chromosome dynamics in the yeast interphase nucleus
P Heun, T Laroche, K Shimada, P Furrer, SM Gasser
Science 294 (5549), 2181-2186, 2001
The twist, writhe and overall shape of supercoiled DNA change during counterion-induced transition from a loosely to a tightly interwound superhelix: possible implications for …
J Bednar, P Furrer, A Stasiak, J Dubochet, EH Egelman, AD Bates
Journal of molecular biology 235 (3), 825-847, 1994
Determination of DNA persistence length by cryo-electron microscopy. Separation of the static and dynamic contributions to the apparent persistence length of DNA
J Bednar, P Furrer, V Katritch, A Stasiak, J Dubochet, A Stasiak
Journal of molecular biology 254 (4), 579-594, 1995
DNA at the entry-exit of the nucleosome observed by cryoelectron microscopy
P Furrer, J Bednar, J Dubochet, A Hamiche, A Prunell
Journal of structural biology 114 (3), 177-183, 1995
Spatial visualization of DNA in solution
I Dustin, P Furrer, A Stasiak, J Dubochet, J Langowski, E Egelman
Journal of structural biology 107 (1), 15-21, 1991
DNA rings with multiple energy minima
PB Furrer, RS Manning, JH Maddocks
Biophysical journal 79 (1), 116-136, 2000
[26] Cryoelectron microscopy of DNA molecules in solution
J Dubochet, M Adrian, I Dustin, P Furrer, A Stasiak
Methods in enzymology 211, 507-518, 1992
Opposite effect of counterions on the persistence length of nicked and non-nicked DNA
P Furrer, J Bednar, AZ Stasiak, V Katritch, D Michoud, A Stasiak, ...
Journal of molecular biology 266 (4), 711-721, 1997
Structural effect of complete [Rp]-phosphorothioate and phosphorodithioate substitutions in the DNA strand of a model antisense inhibitor-target RNA complex
P Furrer, TM Billeci, A Donati, C Kojima, B Karwowski, A Sierzchala, ...
Journal of molecular biology 285 (4), 1609-1622, 1999
Determination of the DNA helical repeat by cryo-electron microscopy
J Dubochet, J Bednar, P Furrer, AZ Stasiak, A Stasiak, AA Bolshoy
Nature structural biology 1 (6), 361-363, 1994
Soot as an indicator in fire investigations: physical and chemical analyses
MT Pinorini, CJ Lennard, P Margot, I Dustin, P Furrer
Journal of Forensic Science 39 (4), 933-973, 1994
The flying cylinder: A new algorithm for filament recognition in noisy stereo images
FP i Margalef, P Furrer, M Kunt, J Dubochet
Journal of structural biology 116 (1), 25-29, 1996
Cryo-electron microscopy of DNA
J Dubochet, J Bednar, P Furrer, A Stasiak
Nucleic Acids and Molecular Biology, 41-55, 1994
Towards medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoate for medical applications
P Furrer, M Schmid, A Hinz, E Pletscher, S Panke, M Zinn
Eur Cells Mater 7, 30-31, 2004
Complémentarité des microscopies dans l'analyse structurale de minicercles d'ADN associés à la protéine MC1
E Larquet, E Le Cam, A Fourcade, F Culard, P Furrer
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série 3, Sciences de la vie 319 …, 1996
Persistence Length of DNA Molecules Confined to a Thin Liquid Layer
V Katritch, J Bednar, P Furrer, F Pinol-i-Margalef, M Kunt, A Vologodskii, ...
Journal of Molecular Biology 254 (4), 591-594, 1995
Complementarity of microscopies in the structural analysis of DNA minicircles associated to protein MC1
E Larquet, E Le Cam, A Fourcade, F Culard, P Furrer, E Delain
Comptes rendus de l'Academie des sciences. Serie III, Sciences de la vie 319 …, 1996
Multiple equilibria in DNA rings
P Furrer, R Manning, J Maddocks
Biophys. J 79, 116-136, 2000
DNA: Uncooked, al Dente, or Scotti?
A Stasiak, J Dubochet, P Furrer, O Gonzalez, J Maddocks
Science 283 (5408), 1641-1641, 1999
Towards the direct determination of the shape of DNA molecules in solution.
P Furrer, S Bednar, M Adrian, A Stasiak, J Dubochet, B Revet, S Brahms, ...
Nucleic acids 1, 229-236, 1992
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