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Oren Tzfadia
Integrative Biology
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Biosynthesis of antinutritional alkaloids in solanaceous crops is mediated by clustered genes
M Itkin, U Heinig, O Tzfadia, AJ Bhide, B Shinde, PD Cardenas, ...
Science 341 (6142), 175-179, 2013
A sister lineage of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex discovered in the African Great Lakes region
JCS Ngabonziza, C Loiseau, M Marceau, A Jouet, F Menardo, O Tzfadia, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 2917, 2020
A transcriptional analysis of carotenoid, chlorophyll and plastidial isoprenoid biosynthesis genes during development and osmotic stress responses in Arabidopsis thaliana
S Meier, O Tzfadia, R Vallabhaneni, C Gehring, ET Wurtzel
BMC Systems Biology 5, 1-19, 2011
MYB107 and MYB9 homologs regulate suberin deposition in angiosperms
J Lashbrooke, H Cohen, D Levy-Samocha, O Tzfadia, I Panizel, V Zeisler, ...
The Plant Cell 28 (9), 2097-2116, 2016
Mapping the diatom redox-sensitive proteome provides insight into response to nitrogen stress in the marine environment
S Rosenwasser, S Graff van Creveld, D Schatz, S Malitsky, O Tzfadia, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111 (7), 2740-2745, 2014
Rewiring Host Lipid Metabolism by Large Viruses Determines the Fate of Emiliania huxleyi, a Bloom-Forming Alga in the Ocean
S Rosenwasser, MA Mausz, D Schatz, U Sheyn, S Malitsky, A Aharoni, ...
The Plant Cell 26 (6), 2689-2707, 2014
Deciphering genetic factors that determine melon fruit‐quality traits using RNA‐Seq‐based high‐resolution QTL and eQTL mapping
N Galpaz, I Gonda, D Shem‐Tov, O Barad, G Tzuri, S Lev, Z Fei, Y Xu, ...
The Plant Journal 94 (1), 169-191, 2018
CoExpNetViz: comparative co-expression networks construction and visualization tool
O Tzfadia, T Diels, S De Meyer, K Vandepoele, A Aharoni, Y Van de Peer
Frontiers in plant science 6, 166596, 2016
The phytoene synthase gene family in the Grasses: subfunctionalization provides tissue-specific control of carotenogenesis
F Li, O Tzfadia, ET Wurtzel
Plant Signaling & Behavior 4 (3), 208-211, 2009
hfAIM: A reliable bioinformatics approach for in silico genome-wide identification of autophagy-associated Atg8-interacting motifs in various organisms
Q Xie, O Tzfadia, M Levy, E Weithorn, H Peled-Zehavi, T Van Parys, ...
Autophagy 12 (5), 876-887, 2016
Characterization of a new pink-fruited tomato mutant results in the identification of a null allele of the SlMYB12 transcription factor
JP Fernandez-Moreno, O Tzfadia, J Forment, S Presa, I Rogachev, S Meir, ...
Plant Physiology 171 (3), 1821-1836, 2016
Combined correlation‐based network and mQTL analyses efficiently identified loci for branched‐chain amino acid, serine to threonine, and proline metabolism in tomato seeds
D Toubiana, A Batushansky, O Tzfadia, F Scossa, A Khan, S Barak, ...
The Plant Journal 81 (1), 121-133, 2015
Siliplant1 protein precipitates silica in sorghum silica cells
S Kumar, N Adiram-Filiba, S Blum, JA Sanchez-Lopez, O Tzfadia, A Omid, ...
Journal of Experimental Botany 71 (21), 6830-6843, 2020
T-DNA-genome junctions form early after infection and are influenced by the chromatin state of the host genome
S Shilo, P Tripathi, C Melamed-Bessudo, O Tzfadia, TR Muth, AA Levy
PLoS genetics 13 (7), e1006875, 2017
Network modeling unravels mechanisms of crosstalk between ethylene and salicylate signaling in potato
Ž Ram¡ ak, A Coll, T Stare, O Tzfadia, Š Baebler, Y Van de Peer, ...
Plant physiology 178 (1), 488-499, 2018
Lycopene cyclase paralog CruP protects against reactive oxygen species in oxygenic photosynthetic organisms
LMT Bradbury, M Shumskaya, O Tzfadia, SB Wu, EJ Kennelly, ET Wurtzel
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (27), E1888-E1897, 2012
The MORPH Algorithm: Ranking Candidate Genes for Membership in Arabidopsis and Tomato Pathways
O Tzfadia, D Amar, LMT Bradbury, ET Wurtzel, R Shamir
The Plant Cell 24 (11), 4389-4406, 2012
Evaluation and integration of functional annotation pipelines for newly sequenced organisms: the potato genome as a test case
D Amar, I Frades, A Danek, T Goldberg, SK Sharma, PE Hedley, ...
BMC plant biology 14, 1-14, 2014
The Arabidopsis exocyst subcomplex subunits involved in a golgi-independent transport into the vacuole possess consensus autophagy-associated atg8 …
O Tzfadia, G Galili
Plant signaling & behavior 8 (10), e26732, 2013
The ‘TranSeq’3′‐end sequencing method for high‐throughput transcriptomics and gene space refinement in plant genomes
O Tzfadia, S Bocobza, J Defoort, E Almekias‐Siegl, S Panda, M Levy, ...
The Plant Journal 96 (1), 223-232, 2018
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