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Synthesis of graphene sheets with high electrical conductivity and good thermal stability by hydrogen arc discharge exfoliation
ZS Wu, W Ren, L Gao, J Zhao, Z Chen, B Liu, D Tang, B Yu, C Jiang, ...
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Three-dimensional strutted graphene grown by substrate-free sugar blowing for high-power-density supercapacitors
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N‐Doped Graphene‐SnO2 Sandwich Paper for High‐Performance Lithium‐Ion Batteries
X Wang, X Cao, L Bourgeois, H Guan, S Chen, Y Zhong, DM Tang, H Li, ...
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Towards ultrahigh volumetric capacitance: graphene derived highly dense but porous carbons for supercapacitors
Y Tao, X Xie, W Lv, DM Tang, D Kong, Z Huang, H Nishihara, T Ishii, B Li, ...
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Halide-assisted atmospheric pressure growth of large WSe2 and WS2 monolayer crystals
S Li, S Wang, DM Tang, W Zhao, H Xu, L Chu, Y Bando, D Golberg, ...
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Atomistic origins of high rate capability and capacity of N-doped graphene for lithium storage
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Ru/ITO: A Carbon-Free Cathode for Nonaqueous Li–O2 Battery
F Li, DM Tang, Y Chen, D Golberg, H Kitaura, T Zhang, A Yamada, ...
Nano letters 13 (10), 4702-4707, 2013
A 3D bi-functional porous N-doped carbon microtube sponge electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactions
JC Li, PX Hou, SY Zhao, C Liu, DM Tang, M Cheng, F Zhang, HM Cheng
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Mechanical properties of Si nanowires as revealed by in situ transmission electron microscopy and molecular dynamics simulations
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A sandwich structure of graphene and nickel oxide with excellent supercapacitive performance
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Revealing the conversion mechanism of CuO nanowires during lithiation–delithiation by in situ transmission electron microscopy
X Wang, DM Tang, H Li, W Yi, T Zhai, Y Bando, D Golberg
Chemical Communications 48 (40), 4812-4814, 2012
Superior Performance of a Li–O2 Battery with Metallic RuO2 Hollow Spheres as the Carbon‐Free Cathode
F Li, DM Tang, T Zhang, K Liao, P He, D Golberg, A Yamada, H Zhou
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (13), 1500294, 2015
Li‐O2 Battery Based on Highly Efficient Sb‐Doped Tin Oxide Supported Ru Nanoparticles
F Li, DM Tang, Z Jian, D Liu, D Golberg, A Yamada, H Zhou
Advanced materials 26 (27), 4659-4664, 2014
Study of the lithium/nickel ions exchange in the layered LiNi 0.42 Mn 0.42 Co 0.16 O 2 cathode material for lithium ion batteries: experimental and first-principles calculations
H Yu, Y Qian, M Otani, D Tang, S Guo, Y Zhu, H Zhou
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (3), 1068-1078, 2014
Caging tin oxide in three-dimensional graphene networks for superior volumetric lithium storage
J Han, D Kong, W Lv, DM Tang, D Han, C Zhang, D Liu, Z Xiao, X Zhang, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-9, 2018
Nano-micro-porous skutterudites with 100% enhancement in ZT for high performance thermoelectricity
AU Khan, K Kobayashi, DM Tang, Y Yamauchi, K Hasegawa, M Mitome, ...
Nano Energy 31, 152-159, 2017
Self-stacked Co3O4 nanosheets for high-performance lithium ion batteries
X Wang, H Guan, S Chen, H Li, T Zhai, D Tang, Y Bando, D Golberg
Chemical communications 47 (45), 12280-12282, 2011
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