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High-rate lithium–sulfur batteries promoted by reduced graphene oxide coating
N Li, M Zheng, H Lu, Z Hu, C Shen, X Chang, G Ji, J Cao, Y Shi
Chemical Communications 48 (34), 4106-4108, 2012
Red phosphorus nanodots on reduced graphene oxide as a flexible and ultra-fast anode for sodium-ion batteries
Y Liu, A Zhang, C Shen, Q Liu, X Cao, Y Ma, L Chen, C Lau, TC Chen, ...
ACS nano 11 (6), 5530-5537, 2017
Layered P2-Na2/3 [Ni1/3Mn2/3] O2 as high-voltage cathode for sodium-ion batteries: the capacity decay mechanism and Al2O3 surface modification
Y Liu, X Fang, A Zhang, C Shen, Q Liu, HA Enaya, C Zhou
Nano Energy 27, 27-34, 2016
Reversible Semiconducting-to-Metallic Phase Transition in Chemical Vapor Deposition Grown Monolayer WSe2 and Applications for Devices
Y Ma, B Liu, A Zhang, L Chen, M Fathi, C Shen, AN Abbas, M Ge, ...
ACS nano 9 (7), 7383-7391, 2015
SnO2 coated carbon cloth with surface modification as Na-ion battery anode
Y Liu, X Fang, M Ge, J Rong, C Shen, A Zhang, HA Enaya, C Zhou
Nano energy 16, 399-407, 2015
High-Performance WSe2 Field-Effect Transistors via Controlled Formation of In-Plane Heterojunctions
B Liu, Y Ma, A Zhang, L Chen, AN Abbas, Y Liu, C Shen, H Wan, C Zhou
ACS nano 10 (5), 5153-5160, 2016
A carbon nanofiber network for stable lithium metal anodes with high Coulombic efficiency and long cycle life
A Zhang, X Fang, C Shen, Y Liu, C Zhou
Nano Research 9 (11), 3428-3436, 2016
Hydrothermal synthesis of graphene–ZnS quantum dot nanocomposites
L Xue, C Shen, M Zheng, H Lu, N Li, G Ji, L Pan, J Cao
Materials Letters 65 (2), 198-200, 2011
Air-stable room-temperature mid-infrared photodetectors based on hBN/black arsenic phosphorus/hBN heterostructures
S Yuan, C Shen, B Deng, X Chen, Q Guo, Y Ma, A Abbas, B Liu, R Haiges, ...
Nano letters 18 (5), 3172-3179, 2018
High-power lithium ion batteries based on flexible and light-weight cathode of LiNi0. 5Mn1. 5O4/carbon nanotube film
X Fang, C Shen, M Ge, J Rong, Y Liu, A Zhang, F Wei, C Zhou
Nano Energy 12, 43-51, 2015
Silicon (lithiated)–sulfur full cells with porous silicon anode shielded by Nafion against polysulfides to achieve high capacity and energy density
C Shen, M Ge, A Zhang, X Fang, Y Liu, J Rong, C Zhou
Nano Energy 19, 68-77, 2016
Hierarchical carbon-coated ball-milled silicon: synthesis and applications in free-standing electrodes and high-voltage full lithium-ion batteries
C Shen, X Fang, M Ge, A Zhang, Y Liu, Y Ma, M Mecklenburg, X Nie, ...
ACS nano 12 (6), 6280-6291, 2018
Black phosphorus field-effect transistors with work function tunable contacts
Y Ma, C Shen, A Zhang, L Chen, Y Liu, J Chen, Q Liu, Z Li, MR Amer, ...
ACS nano 11 (7), 7126-7133, 2017
Functional interlayer of PVDF-HFP and carbon nanofiber for long-life lithium-sulfur batteries
A Zhang, X Fang, C Shen, Y Liu, IG Seo, Y Ma, L Chen, P Cottingham, ...
Nano Research 11 (6), 3340-3352, 2018
Synthesis and electrochemical properties of graphene-SnS2 nanocomposites for lithium-ion batteries
C Shen, L Ma, M Zheng, B Zhao, D Qiu, L Pan, J Cao, Y Shi
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 16 (5), 1999-2004, 2012
Carbon nanotube macroelectronics for active matrix polymer-dispersed liquid crystal displays
S Cong, Y Cao, X Fang, Y Wang, Q Liu, H Gui, C Shen, X Cao, ES Kim, ...
ACS nano 10 (11), 10068-10074, 2016
In situ and ex situ TEM study of lithiation behaviours of porous silicon nanostructures
C Shen, M Ge, L Luo, X Fang, Y Liu, A Zhang, J Rong, C Wang, C Zhou
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-11, 2016
Correlation of Ti3+ states with photocatalytic enhancement in TiO2-passivated p-GaAs
J Qiu, G Zeng, M Ge, S Arab, M Mecklenburg, B Hou, C Shen, ...
Journal of Catalysis 337, 133-137, 2016
Atomic insights into the enhanced surface stability in high voltage cathode materials by ultrathin coating
X Fang, F Lin, D Nordlund, M Mecklenburg, M Ge, J Rong, A Zhang, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (7), 1602873, 2017
Quasi-two-dimensional β-Ga2O3 field effect transistors with large drain current density and low contact resistance via controlled formation of interfacial oxygen …
Z Li, Y Liu, A Zhang, Q Liu, C Shen, F Wu, C Xu, M Chen, H Fu, C Zhou
Nano Research 12 (1), 143-148, 2019
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