Edward A. Myers
Edward A. Myers
Department of Biological Sciences, Clemson University
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Evidence for determinism in species diversification and contingency in phenotypic evolution during adaptive radiation
FT Burbrink, X Chen, EA Myers, MC Brandley, RA Pyron
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1748), 4817-4826, 2012
Speciation with gene flow in whiptail lizards from a Neotropical xeric biome
EF Oliveira, M Gehara, VA São‐Pedro, X Chen, EA Myers, FT Burbrink, ...
Molecular Ecology 24 (23), 5957-5975, 2015
Multilocus phylogeographic assessment of the California Mountain Kingsnake (Lampropeltis zonata) suggests alternative patterns of diversification for the …
EA Myers, JA Rodríguez‐Robles, DF Denardo, RE Staub, A Stropoli, ...
Molecular Ecology 22 (21), 5418-5429, 2013
Asynchronous demographic responses to Pleistocene climate change in Eastern Nearctic vertebrates
FT Burbrink, YL Chan, EA Myers, S Ruane, BT Smith, MJ Hickerson
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Asynchronous diversification of snakes in the North American warm deserts
EA Myers, MJ Hickerson, FT Burbrink
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Molecular phylogeny of the genus Gloydius (Serpentes: Crotalinae)
Y Xu, Q Liu, EA Myers, L Wang, S Huang, Y He, P Peng, P Guo
Asian Herpetological Research 2, 2012
Environmental heterogeneity and not vicariant biogeographic barriers generate community‐wide population structure in desert‐adapted snakes
EA Myers, AT Xue, M Gehara, CL Cox, AR Davis Rabosky, ...
Molecular Ecology 28 (20), 4535-4548, 2019
Assessing species boundaries and the phylogenetic position of the rare Szechwan ratsnake, Euprepiophis perlaceus (Serpentes: Colubridae), using coalescent-based methods
X Chen, K Jiang, P Guo, S Huang, D Rao, L Ding, H Takeuchi, J Che, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 70, 130-136, 2014
Both traits and phylogenetic history influence community structure in snakes over steep environmental gradients
FT Burbrink, EA Myers
Ecography 38 (10), 1036-1048, 2015
Coalescent Species Tree Inference of Coluber and Masticophis
EA Myers, JL Burgoon, JM Ray, JE Martínez-Gómez, N Matías-Ferrer, ...
Copeia 105 (4), 640-648, 2017
Exploring Chihuahuan Desert diversification in the gray-banded kingsnake, Lampropeltis alterna (Serpentes: Colubridae)
EA Myers, RW Bryson Jr, RW Hansen, ML Aardema, D Lazcano, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 131, 211-218, 2019
Biogeographic barriers, Pleistocene refugia, and climatic gradients in the southeastern Nearctic drive diversification in cornsnakes (Pantherophis guttatus complex)
EA Myers, AD McKelvy, FT Burbrink
Molecular Ecology 29 (4), 797-811, 2020
Predicting community structure in snakes on Eastern Nearctic islands using ecological neutral theory and phylogenetic methods
FT Burbrink, AD McKelvy, RA Pyron, EA Myers
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1819), 20151700, 2015
Molecular evidence on the systematic position of the lance-headed pitviper Protobothrops maolanensis Yang et al., 2011
Q Liu, EA Myers, GH Zhong, J Hu, H Zhao, P Guo
Zootaxa 3178 (1), 57-62, 2012
Unrecognized species diversity and new insights into colour pattern polymorphism within the widespread Malagasy snake Mimophis (Serpentes: Lamprophiidae)
S Ruane, EA Myers, K Lo, S Yuen, RS Welt, M Juman, I Futterman, ...
Systematics and Biodiversity 16 (3), 229-244, 2018
Complex longitudinal diversification across South China and Vietnam in Stejneger's pit viper, Viridovipera stejnegeri (Schmidt, 1925) (Reptilia: Serpentes: Viperidae)
P Guo, Q Liu, F Zhu, GH Zhong, X Chen, EA Myers, J Che, L Zhang, ...
Molecular ecology 25 (12), 2920-2936, 2016
Resolving spatial complexities of hybridization in the context of the gray zone of speciation in North American ratsnakes (Pantherophis obsoletus complex)
FT Burbrink, M Gehara, AD McKelvy, EA Myers
Evolution 75 (2), 260-277, 2021
Ecological opportunity: trigger of adaptive radiation
EA Myers, FT Burbrink
Nature Education Knowledge 3 (10), 23, 2012
Cryptic species and co‐diversification in sand scorpions from the Karakum and Kyzylkum deserts of Central Asia
MR Graham, EA Myers, RC Kaiser, V Fet
Zoologica Scripta 48 (6), 801-812, 2019
Population Stability of the Northern Desert Nightsnake (Hypsiglena chlorophaea deserticola) during the Pleistocene
EA Myers, RE Weaver, H Alamillo
Journal of Herpetology 47 (3), 432-439, 2013
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