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Hao Bin WU 吴浩斌
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Mixed Transition‐Metal Oxides: Design, Synthesis, and Energy‐Related Applications
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Porous molybdenum carbide nano-octahedrons synthesized via confined carburization in metal-organic frameworks for efficient hydrogen production
HB Wu, BY Xia, L Yu, XY Yu, XWD Lou
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Nanostructured metal oxide-based materials as advanced anodes for lithium-ion batteries
HB Wu, JS Chen, HH Hng, XWD Lou
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L Shen, L Yu, HB Wu, XY Yu, X Zhang, XWD Lou
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Confining Sulfur in Double‐Shelled Hollow Carbon Spheres for Lithium–Sulfur Batteries
C Zhang, HB Wu, C Yuan, Z Guo, XWD Lou
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Enhancing lithium–sulphur battery performance by strongly binding the discharge products on amino-functionalized reduced graphene oxide
Z Wang, Y Dong, H Li, Z Zhao, HB Wu, C Hao, S Liu, J Qiu, XWD Lou
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Formation of Fe2O3 Microboxes with Hierarchical Shell Structures from Metal–Organic Frameworks and Their Lithium Storage Properties
L Zhang, HB Wu, S Madhavi, HH Hng, XW Lou
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Quasiemulsion-templated formation of α-Fe2O3 hollow spheres with enhanced lithium storage properties
B Wang, JS Chen, HB Wu, Z Wang, XW Lou
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GQ Zhang, HB Wu, HE Hoster, MB Chan-Park, XWD Lou
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Formation of ZnMn2O4 Ball‐in‐Ball Hollow Microspheres as a High‐Performance Anode for Lithium‐Ion Batteries
G Zhang, L Yu, HB Wu, HE Hoster, XWD Lou
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Metal-organic frameworks and their derived materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion: Promises and challenges
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One-Pot Synthesis of Cubic PtCu3 Nanocages with Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activity for the Methanol Oxidation Reaction
BY Xia, HB Wu, X Wang, XW Lou
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High-performance flexible asymmetric supercapacitors based on a new graphene foam/carbon nanotube hybrid film
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Complex Hollow Nanostructures: Synthesis and Energy‐Related Applications
L Yu, H Hu, HB Wu, XW Lou
Advanced Materials 29 (15), 1604563, 2017
Hierarchical β‐Mo2C Nanotubes Organized by Ultrathin Nanosheets as a Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen Production
FX Ma, HB Wu, BY Xia, CY Xu, XWD Lou
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (51), 15395-15399, 2015
Iron‐oxide‐based advanced anode materials for lithium‐ion batteries
L Zhang, HB Wu, XW Lou
Advanced Energy Materials 4 (4), 1300958, 2014
Template‐free Formation of Uniform Urchin‐like α‐FeOOH Hollow Spheres with Superior Capability for Water Treatment
B Wang, HB Wu, L Yu, R Xu, TT Lim, XW Lou
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Complex nanostructures from materials based on metal–organic frameworks for electrochemical energy storage and conversion
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Controlled Growth of NiMoO4 Nanosheet and Nanorod Arrays on Various Conductive Substrates as Advanced Electrodes for Asymmetric Supercapacitors
S Peng, L Li, HB Wu, S Madhavi, XW Lou
Advanced Energy Materials 5 (2), 1401172, 2015
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