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Habib Baydoun
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Efficient Water Oxidation Using CoMnP Nanoparticles
D Li, H Baydoun, CN Verani, SL Brock
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (12), 4006-4009, 2016
Degradation of aqueous carbamazepine in ultrasonic/Fe 0/H 2 O 2 systems
A Ghauch, H Baydoun, P Dermesropian
Chemical Engineering Journal 172 (1), 18-27, 2011
Fe0-based trimetallic systems for the removal of aqueous diclofenac: Mechanism and kinetics
A Ghauch, H Abou Assi, H Baydoun, AM Tuqan, A Bejjani
Chemical Engineering Journal 172 (2-3), 1033-1044, 2011
Boosting the Catalytic Performance of Iron Phosphide Nanorods for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction by Incorporation of Manganese
D Li, H Baydoun, B Kulikowski, SL Brock
Chemistry of Materials 29 (7), 3048-3054, 2017
Ligand Transformations and Efficient Proton/Water Reduction with Cobalt Catalysts Based on Pentadentate Pyridine‐Rich Environments
D Basu, S Mazumder, X Shi, H Baydoun, J Niklas, O Poluektov, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 54 (7), 2105-2110, 2015
Evaluation of the coordination preferences and catalytic pathways of heteroaxial cobalt oximes towards hydrogen generation
D Basu, S Mazumder, J Niklas, H Baydoun, D Wanniarachchi, X Shi, ...
Chemical Science 7 (5), 3264-3278, 2016
Synthesis and oxygen evolution reaction (OER) catalytic performance of Ni₂₋ ₓRuₓP nanocrystals: enhancing activity by dilution of the noble metal
DR Liyanage, D Li, QB Cheek, H Baydoun, SL Brock
Journal of materials chemistry A, 2017
The Mechanisms of Rectification in Au| Molecule| Au Devices Based on Langmuir–Blodgett Monolayers of Iron (III) and Copper (II) Surfactants
LD Wickramasinghe, S Mazumder, S Gonawala, MM Perera, H Baydoun, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (52), 14462-14467, 2014
Efficient water oxidation with electromodified Langmuir–Blodgett films of procatalytic [Coᴵᴵᴵ (N₂O₃)] metallosurfactants on electrodes
S Gonawala, H Baydoun, L Wickramasinghe, CN Verani
Deactivation of a Cobalt Catalyst for Water Reduction through Valence Tautomerism
H Baydoun, S Mazumder, HB Schlegel, CN Verani
Chemistry-A European Journal 23 (39), 9266-9271, 2017
Immobilization of an Amphiphilic Molecular Cobalt Catalyst on Carbon Black for Ligand-Assisted Water Oxidation
H Baydoun, J Burdick, B Thapa, L Wickramasinghe, D Li, J Niklas, ...
Inorganic chemistry 57 (16), 9748-9756, 2018
Submicrometric Iron Particles for the Removal of Pharmaceuticals from Water: Application to b-Lactam Antibiotics
A Ghauch, H Baydoun, AM Tuqan, G Ayoub, S Naim
Advanced Materials Research 324, 485-488, 2011
Observation of current rectification by the new bimetallic iron (iii) hydrophobe [Fe III2 (L N4O6)] on Au| LB-molecule| Au devices
ADKI Weeraratne, H Baydoun, R Shakya, J Niklas, L Xie, G Mao, ...
Dalton Transactions 47 (40), 14352-14361, 2018
Water Splitting Using Cobalt-Based Amidopyridine Complexes
H Baydoun
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