Romina Vidal-Russell
Romina Vidal-Russell
Departamento de Botanica, INIBIOMA (Univ. Nac. del Comahue-CONICET)
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A revised classification of Santalales
DL Nickrent, V Malécot, R Vidal-Russell, JP Der
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Nuevos registros de distribución y nidificación del Aguilucho Andino (Buteo albigula) en la Patagonia argentina
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The species pair Pseudocyphellaria pilosella-piloselloides (lichenized Ascomycota: Lobariaceae) is a single species
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Evidencias de resistencia en Nothofagus a Misodendrum: patrones de infección y consecuencias sobre la estructura genética de la planta parásita
R Vidal Russell
Grade dissertation, Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina, 2000
Morphological variation in Quinchamalium (Schoepfiaceae) is associated with climatic patterns along its Andean distribution
RM Lopez Laphitz, C Ezcurra, R Vidal-Russell
Systematic Botany 40 (4), 1045-1052, 2016
Consequences of disperser behaviour for seedling establishment of a mistletoe species
GC Amico, Y Sasal, R Vidal‐Russell, MA Aizen, JM Morales
Austral ecology 42 (8), 900-907, 2017
Macroscale analysis of mistletoe host ranges in the Andean‐Patagonian forest
GC Amico, DL Nickrent, R Vidal‐Russell
Plant Biology 21 (1), 150-156, 2019
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