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Bacterial detection with amphiphilic carbon dots
S Nandi, M Ritenberg, R Jelinek
Analyst 140 (12), 4232-4237, 2015
Imaging cancer cells expressing the folate receptor with carbon dots produced from folic acid
SK Bhunia, AR Maity, S Nandi, D Stepensky, R Jelinek
ChemBioChem 17 (7), 614-619, 2016
Membrane analysis with amphiphilic carbon dots
S Nandi, R Malishev, KP Kootery, Y Mirsky, S Kolusheva, R Jelinek
Chemical Communications 50 (71), 10299-10302, 2014
Tuneable light-emitting carbon-dot/polymer flexible films prepared through one-pot synthesis
SK Bhunia, S Nandi, R Shikler, R Jelinek
Nanoscale 8 (6), 3400-3406, 2016
Carbon-dot/silver-nanoparticle flexible SERS-active films
SK Bhunia, L Zeiri, J Manna, S Nandi, R Jelinek
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (38), 25637-25643, 2016
Amphiphiles Based on d-Glucose: Efficient Low Molecular Weight Gelators
S Nandi, HJ Altenbach, B Jakob, K Lange, R Ihizane, MP Schneider, ...
Organic letters 14 (15), 3826-3829, 2012
Detection of reactive oxygen species by a carbon-dot–ascorbic acid hydrogel
S Bhattacharya, R Sarkar, S Nandi, A Porgador, R Jelinek
Analytical chemistry 89 (1), 830-836, 2017
Imaging Pseudomonas aeruginosa Biofilm Extracellular Polymer Scaffolds with Amphiphilic Carbon Dots
M Ritenberg, S Nandi, S Kolusheva, R Dandela, MM Meijler, R Jelinek
ACS chemical biology 11 (5), 1265-1270, 2016
Carbon-dot–hydrogel for enzyme-mediated bacterial detection
S Bhattacharya, S Nandi, R Jelinek
RSC advances 7 (2), 588-594, 2017
Toxicity inhibitors protect lipid membranes from disruption by Aβ42
R Malishev, S Nandi, S Kolusheva, Y Levi-Kalisman, FG Klärner, ...
ACS chemical neuroscience 6 (11), 1860-1869, 2015
Bacoside-A, an Indian traditional-medicine substance, inhibits β-amyloid cytotoxicity, fibrillation, and membrane interactions
R Malishev, S Shaham-Niv, S Nandi, S Kolusheva, E Gazit, R Jelinek
ACS chemical neuroscience 8 (4), 884-891, 2017
Lipid-bilayer dynamics probed by a carbon dot-phospholipid conjugate
S Nandi, R Malishev, SK Bhunia, S Kolusheva, J Jopp, R Jelinek
Biophysical journal 110 (9), 2016
A Novel Class of Organo-(Hydro-) Gelators Based on Ascorbic Acid
S Nandi, HJ Altenbach, B Jakob, K Lange, R Ihizane, MP Schneider
Organic letters 13 (8), 1980-1983, 2011
Synthesis and characterization of novel surfactants: combination products of fatty acids, hydroxycarboxylic acids and alcohols
HJ Altenbach, R Ihizane, B Jakob, K Lange, M Schneider, Z Yilmaz, ...
Journal of Surfactants and Detergents 13 (4), 399-407, 2010
Bifunctional Carbon‐Dot‐WS2 Nanorods for Photothermal Therapy and Cell Imaging
S Nandi, SK Bhunia, L Zeiri, M Pour, I Nachman, D Raichman, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (4), 963-969, 2017
Pomegranate juice polyphenols induce macrophage death via apoptosis as opposed to necrosis induced by free radical generation: a central role for oxidative stress
O Rom, N Volkova, S Nandi, R Jelinek, M Aviram
Journal of cardiovascular pharmacology 68 (2), 106-114, 2016
Bacoside-A, an anti-amyloid natural substance, inhibits membrane disruption by the amyloidogenic determinant of prion protein through accelerating fibril formation
R Malishev, S Nandi, S Kolusheva, S Shaham-Niv, E Gazit, R Jelinek
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1858 (9), 2208-2214, 2016
Unilamellar vesicles from amphiphilic graphene quantum dots
S Nandi, S Kolusheva, R Malishev, A Trachtenberg, TP Vinod, R Jelinek
Chemistry–A European Journal 21 (21), 7755-7759, 2015
Interactions between BIM protein and beta-amyloid may reveal a crucial missing link between Alzheimer’s disease and neuronal cell death
R Malishev, S Nandi, D Śmiłowicz, S Bakavayev, S Engel, N Bujanover, ...
ACS chemical neuroscience 10 (8), 3555-3564, 2019
Biophysical Characterization of Pro-apoptotic BimBH3 Peptides Reveals an Unexpected Capacity for Self-Association
TE Assafa, S Nandi, D Śmiłowicz, L Galazzo, M Teucher, C Elsner, S Pütz, ...
Structure 29 (2), 114-124. e3, 2021
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