Matthew D. Pickett
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Memristive switching mechanism for metal/oxide/metal nanodevices
JJ Yang, MD Pickett, X Li, DAA Ohlberg, DR Stewart, RS Williams
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The mechanism of electroforming of metal oxide memristive switches
JJ Yang, F Miao, MD Pickett, DAA Ohlberg, DR Stewart, CN Lau, ...
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A scalable neuristor built with Mott memristors
MD Pickett, G Medeiros-Ribeiro, RS Williams
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MD Pickett, DB Strukov, JL Borghetti, JJ Yang, GS Snider, DR Stewart, ...
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JP Strachan, MD Pickett, JJ Yang, S Aloni, AL David Kilcoyne, ...
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MD Pickett, RS Williams
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SPICE modeling of memristors
H Abdalla, MD Pickett
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Engineering nonlinearity into memristors for passive crossbar applications
J Joshua Yang, MX Zhang, MD Pickett, F Miao, J Paul Strachan, WD Li, ...
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Local temperature redistribution and structural transition during joule-heating-driven conductance switching in VO2
S Kumar, MD Pickett, JP Strachan, G Gibson, Y Nishi, RS Williams
arXiv preprint arXiv:1510.06694, 2015
Control of metal impurities in “dirty” multicrystalline silicon for solar cells
AA Istratov, T Buonassisi, MD Pickett, M Heuer, ER Weber
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JJ Yang, JP Strachan, F Miao, MX Zhang, MD Pickett, W Yi, DAA Ohlberg, ...
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F Miao, W Yi, I Goldfarb, JJ Yang, MX Zhang, MD Pickett, JP Strachan, ...
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J Borghetti, DB Strukov, MD Pickett, JJ Yang, DR Stewart, RS Williams
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Coexistence of Memristance and Negative Differential Resistance in a Nanoscale Metal‐Oxide‐Metal System
MD Pickett, J Borghetti, JJ Yang, G Medeiros‐Ribeiro, RS Williams
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Lognormal switching times for titanium dioxide bipolar memristors: origin and resolution
G Medeiros-Ribeiro, F Perner, R Carter, H Abdalla, MD Pickett, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (9), 095702, 2011
Iron point defect reduction in multicrystalline silicon solar cells
MD Pickett, T Buonassisi
Applied Physics Letters 92 (12), 2008
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