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Complete Electric Dipole Response and the Neutron Skin in
A Tamii, I Poltoratska, P von Neumann-Cosel, Y Fujita, T Adachi, ...
Physical review letters 107 (6), 062502, 2011
Nature of Low-Energy Dipole Strength in Nuclei: The Case <?format ?>of a Resonance at Particle Threshold in
N Ryezayeva, T Hartmann, Y Kalmykov, H Lenske, ...
Physical review letters 89 (27), 272502, 2002
Dipole excitations to bound states in and
K Govaert, F Bauwens, J Bryssinck, D De Frenne, E Jacobs, ...
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Isospin Character of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in
J Endres, E Litvinova, D Savran, PA Butler, MN Harakeh, S Harissopulos, ...
Physical review letters 105 (21), 212503, 2010
Electric Dipole Polarizability of and Implications for the Neutron Skin
J Birkhan, M Miorelli, S Bacca, S Bassauer, CA Bertulani, G Hagen, ...
Physical review letters 118 (25), 252501, 2017
PET/MRI in head and neck cancer: initial experience
I Platzek, B Beuthien-Baumann, M Schneider, V Gudziol, J Langner, ...
European journal of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging 40, 6-11, 2013
Fine Structure of the Pygmy Dipole Resonance in
D Savran, M Fritzsche, J Hasper, K Lindenberg, S Müller, VY Ponomarev, ...
Physical review letters 100 (23), 232501, 2008
Boson forbidden low-energy E1-transitions in spherical nuclei
VY Ponomarev, C Stoyanov, N Tsoneva, M Grinberg
Nuclear Physics A 635 (4), 470-483, 1998
Microscopic studies on two-phonon giant resonances
CA Bertulani, VY Ponomarev
Physics Reports 321 (4-5), 139-251, 1999
First Measurement of Collectivity of Coexisting Shapes Based on Type II Shell Evolution: The Case of
C Kremer, S Aslanidou, S Bassauer, M Hilcker, A Krugmann, ...
Physical Review Letters 117 (17), 172503, 2016
Dipole polarizability of and nuclear energy density functionals
T Hashimoto, AM Krumbholz, PG Reinhard, A Tamii, ...
Physical Review C 92 (3), 031305, 2015
Fine structure of the E1 response in 140Ce below the particle threshold
RD Herzberg, P Von Brentano, J Eberth, J Enders, R Fischer, N Huxel, ...
Physics Letters B 390 (1-4), 49-54, 1997
Nuclear resonance fluorescence experiments on 204,206,207,208 Pb up to 6.75 MeV
J Enders, P Von Brentano, J Eberth, A Fitzler, C Fransen, RD Herzberg, ...
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Pygmy dipole resonance in Pb
I Poltoratska, P von Neumann-Cosel, A Tamii, T Adachi, CA Bertulani, ...
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Magnetic quadrupole resonance in spherical nuclei
VY Ponomarev, VG Soloviev, C Stoyanov, AI Vdovin
Nuclear Physics A 323 (2-3), 446-460, 1979
Resolved dipole strength below the giant resonance in
RD Herzberg, C Fransen, P Von Brentano, J Eberth, J Enders, A Fitzler, ...
Physical Review C 60 (5), 051307, 1999
Dipole transitions to bound states in and
F Bauwens, J Bryssinck, D De Frenne, K Govaert, L Govor, M Hagemann, ...
Physical Review C 62 (2), 024302, 2000
Fragmentation and systematics of the pygmy dipole resonance in the stable isotones
D Savran, M Elvers, J Endres, M Fritzsche, B Löher, N Pietralla, ...
Physical Review C—Nuclear Physics 84 (2), 024326, 2011
Fine structure in the energy region of the isoscalar giant quadrupole resonance: Characteristic scales from a wavelet analysis
A Shevchenko, J Carter, RW Fearick, SV Förtsch, H Fujita, Y Fujita, ...
Physical review letters 93 (12), 122501, 2004
Fine Structure of the Gamow-Teller Resonance in and Level Density of States
Y Kalmykov, T Adachi, GPA Berg, H Fujita, K Fujita, Y Fujita, K Hatanaka, ...
Physical review letters 96 (1), 012502, 2006
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