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Molecular phylogeography of European Sciurus vulgaris: refuge within refugia?
A Grill, G Amori, G Aloise, I Lisi, G Tosi, LA Wauters, E Randi
Molecular Ecology 18 (12), 2687-2699, 2009
Mammals of Italy: an annotated checklist
A Loy, G Aloise, L Ancillotto, FM Angelici, S Bertolino, D Capizzi, ...
Hystrix 30 (2), 87-106, 2019
Birth of a hotspot of intraspecific genetic diversity: notes from the underground
D Canestrelli, G Aloise, S Cecchetti, G Nascetti
Molecular Ecology 19 (24), 5432-5451, 2010
Integrating climate and land‐use change scenarios in modelling the future spread of invasive squirrels in Italy
M Di Febbraro, M Menchetti, D Russo, L Ancillotto, G Aloise, F Roscioni, ...
Diversity and Distributions 25 (4), 644-659, 2019
Genetic and morphological variation in a Mediterranean glacial refugium: evidence from Italian pygmy shrews, Sorex minutus (Mammalia: Soricomorpha)
R Vega, G Amori, G Aloise, S Cellini, A Loy, JB Searle
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 100 (4), 774-787, 2010
A combination of long term fragmentation and glacial persistence drove the evolutionary history of the Italian wall lizard Podarcis siculus
G Senczuk, P Colangelo, E De Simone, G Aloise, R Castiglia
BMC evolutionary biology 17, 1-15, 2017
Systematics of the Microtus savii complex (Rodentia, Cricetidae) via mitochondrial DNA analyses: paraphyly and pattern of sex chromosome evolution
R Castiglia, F Annesi, G Aloise, G Amori
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 46 (3), 1157-1164, 2008
Mitochondrial DNA reveals hidden diversity and an ancestral lineage of the bank vole in the I talian peninsula
P Colangelo, G Aloise, P Franchini, F Annesi, G Amori
Journal of Zoology 287 (1), 41-52, 2012
Comparative study of Spanish and Italian terrestrial small mammal coenoses from different biotopes in Mediterranean peninsular tip regions
M Cagnin, S Moreno, G Aloise, G Garofalo, R Villafuerte, P Gaona, ...
Journal of Biogeography 25 (6), 1105-1113, 1998
Habitat use and population density of the red squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris meridionalis, in the Sila Grande mountain range (Calabria, South Italy)
M Cagnin, G Aloise, F Fiore, V Oriolo, LA Wauters
Italian Journal of Zoology 67 (1), 81-87, 2000
New endemic mammal species for Europe: Sciurus meridionalis (Rodentia, Sciuridae)
LA Wauters, G Amori, G Aloise, S Gippoliti, P Agnelli, A Galimberti, ...
Hystrix 28 (1), 1, 2017
Extreme feeding behaviours in the Italian wall lizard, Podarcis siculus
M Capula, G Aloise
Extreme Feeding Behaviours in the Italian Wall Lizard, Podarcis siculus, 11-14, 2011
Preventing species invasion: A role for integrative taxonomy?
MV Mazzamuto, A Galimberti, G Cremonesi, B Pisanu, JL CHAPUIS, ...
Integrative zoology 11 (3), 214-228, 2016
The Italian peninsula hosts a divergent mtDNA lineage of the water vole, Arvicola amphibius sl, including fossorial and aquatic ecotypes
R Castiglia, G Aloise, G Amori, F Annesi, S Bertolino, D Capizzi, E Mori, ...
Hystrix 27 (2), 99-103, 2016
Tracing the evolutionary history of the mole, Talpa europaea, through mitochondrial DNA phylogeography and species distribution modelling
R Feuda, AA Bannikova, ED Zemlemerova, M Di Febbraro, A Loy, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 114 (3), 495-512, 2015
Effects of global climate change on terrestrial small mammal communities in Italy
G Szpunar, G Aloise, S Mazzotti, L Nieder, M Cristaldi
Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 17 (9b), 1526-1533, 2008
Mitochondrial phylogeography of the black rat supports a single invasion of the western Mediterranean basin
P Colangelo, A Abiadh, G Aloise, G Amori, D Capizzi, E Vasa, F Annesi, ...
Biological Invasions 17, 1859-1868, 2015
Evidence of a complex phylogeographic structure in the common dormouse, Muscardinus avellanarius (Rodentia: Gliridae)
A Mouton, A Grill, M Sara, B KRYŠTUFEK, E Randi, G Amori, ...
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 105 (3), 648-664, 2012
Mitochondrial DNA reveals different phylogeographic structures in the water shrews Neomys anomalus and N. fodiens (Insectivora: Soricidae) in Europe
R Castiglia, F Annesi, G Aloise, G Amori
Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research 45 (3), 255-262, 2007
Testing the predatory behaviour of Podarcis sicula (Reptilia: Lacertidae) towards aposematic and non-aposematic preys
T Bonacci, G Aloise, P Brandmayr, TZ Brandmayr, M Capula
Amphibia-Reptilia 29 (3), 449-453, 2008
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