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Genetic studies of body mass index yield new insights for obesity biology
AE Locke, B Kahali, SI Berndt, AE Justice, TH Pers, FR Day, C Powell, ...
Nature 518 (7538), 197-206, 2015
Bullying and victimization in elementary schools: a comparison of bullies, victims, bully/victims, and uninvolved preadolescents.
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Expert review document on methodology, terminology, and clinical applications of optical coherence tomography: physical principles, methodology of image acquisition, and …
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ERCC6, a member of a subfamily of putative helicases, is involved in Cockayne's syndrome and preferential repair of active genes
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Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in dromedary camels: an outbreak investigation
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Comparisons of problems reported by parents of children in 12 cultures: Total problems, externalizing, and internalizing
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The Generation R Study: design and cohort update 2012
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Handleiding voor de CBCL/4-18
FC Verhulst, J Van der Ende, HM Koot
Afdeling Kinder-en jeugdpsychiatrie, Sophia Kinderziekenhuis/Academisch …, 1996
Factors associated with child mental health service use in the community
FC Verhulst, JAN Van Der Ende
Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry 36 (7), 901-909, 1997
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